The second I saw Vinita Mathur’s piece “Waiting In Vain” at Trenton’s Art All Night 2017 I was floored.  I was really astonished.  The piece really spoke to me and I was simply enthralled by the painting’s beauty.  I wrote an article on pop culture pieces of art from Art All Night but HAD to include Vinita’s piece even though it had nothing to do with pop culture.  It was just that great.  After the article I contacted the artist to let her know just how much that piece spoke to me.

I was quite happy when she, in turn, invited me to the opening of her new show A Thousand Shades of Passion which is being held at the Straube Center Main Gallery in Pennington, New Jersey.  The gallery is showcasing 19 amazing pieces created by Vinita.

Many of these painting spoke to me just like “Waiting In Vain” spoke to me.  I took pictures of some of my favorites and I am just going to let the artwork speak for itself (okay…I’ll add in a tiny bit of dialogue).  “Waiting In Vain” wasn’t at the gallery itself which made me sad that I couldn’t see what is probably my favorite painting of all time (and this is after seeing works this year by Dali, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt in person) .  I’m not kidding – it truly is that phenomenal.

First is a painting of a woman who is instantly recognizable.  This “Wonder Woman”, based on the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, is simply astonishing.  As a comic geek this instantly floors me.  It is absolutely beautiful and fully captures the power and strength that Gadot showed on the big screen.  The detail of this painting is astonishing and I truly believe DC Comics should use it as a cover on one of their upcoming Wonder Woman books.

This painting is titled “Precious” and it captures what can be a beautiful moment with a very happy child.  I looked at this painting for a number of minutes and was truly impressed by the level of detail that was on the young girl’s earrings and necklace.  This captures a look that truly says, “I am happy.”

This painting is titled “Lips Don’t Lie” and once again shows off Vinita’s amazing talent to capture some of the most beautiful attributes of a woman.  With the wind blowing her hair we can’t see her eyes and are left to look at these amazing lips.  These lips are absolutely ravishing.  This painting may be my third favorite painting of the show (behind Wonder Woman and…)

This is either my first or second favorite painting of the show.  This piece is titled “Eyes Don’t Lie.”  Once again it is all about the eyes and Vinita’s amazing ability to capture them.  We can’t see this woman’s face but would we want to even if we could?  I’m pretty sure I would just look at this painting and stare at her eyes for hours and hours.  This one is truly out of this world.  Right now I can just stare at this picture and just be astonished.

This piece is titled “Flamenco” and it is easy to see why.  This woman is dressed to the nines with a gorgeous dress ready to dance the flamenco.  I really love how the bottom of her dress takes up almost the entire bottom of this piece and how we cannot see the dancer’s face.  We are drawn to her beauty even though we are unable to see what she looks like.  She truly came prepared to dance the night away.

This painting is titled “Ludus: Playful Love.”  Here is another sensational painting that shows off Vinita’s abilities to draw beautiful eyes and spectacular lips.  This really captures this young girl’s beauty and I am really truly floored.  The fact that this is only my fourth favorite piece from this installation tells you just how amazing Vinita’s work is.  Just who are you looking at?  What has caught your eye?

This painting is titled “You and Me.”  The vibrant colors really make the trees pop as a young couple walk in the rain.  I wish real life looked like this because when we go from summer to fall here in Jersey my leaves turn brown with the quickness and just fall to the ground.  This scene?  Beautiful.  I want to go for a walk there.  This just screams romantic.

This painting is titled “City Showers: Night” and here we have some people walking the city at night with their umbrellas drawn to avoid the rain.  I love the night sky here and if my sky looked like that at night I  would also grab an umbrella and walk about town.

This lovely painting is simply titled “In The Rain”.  I’m guessing Vinita loves to draw people walking in the rain, probably because she draws them so well.  I’m guessing this is at night as the street lamp is lit but this woman walking by herself must be taking in the beautiful colors of the trees.  Why is she walking alone?  Coming home from work?  Just a great day to go for a walk?  I’m sure only Vinita knows for sure.

There are many more painting at the A Thousand Shades of Passion exhibit and it is easy to say that each and every painting shown at the installation was truly impressive.  I was quite sad that my favorite piece “Waiting In Vain” wasn’t being shown but I was quite happy to hear that the painting was part of an exhibit at Artworks in Trenton that showed off the standouts from Art All Night.  I’m sure it is a huge honor to be included in this exhibit and no other painting deserved it more.  Unfortunately if you wanted to see all the Select paintings at Artworks, including “Waiting In Vain” the exhibit unfortunately ended on July 15th.

A Thousand Shades of Passion will run at the Straube Center Main Gallery in Pennington from July 14th through October 6th.  If you are local to Trenton you should definitely make the trip to see this stunning artwork in person – and perhaps buy a piece that speaks to you for your home.

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