Tales of the Fractured Mind
Written by: Roddy McCance
Art by: Rolands Kalnins
Published by: Self Published


I’m going to be honest here…Tales of the Fractured Mind depressed the hell out of me.  I mean it may slightly be the point of the comic in that it wants to clue you in on some mental health issues that plague people every day.  The book has several stories which touch on depression, bi-polar disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, dementia, and many, many more.  It is not set up to have you laughing like an issue of Spider-Ham.  If you laugh at anything in this book you may want to really look into your soul and have a heart-to-heart with yourself.  The subject matter is pretty damn serious.
At just over sixty pages long, Fractured Mind drills itself into your brain as the stories go very deep into how mental health affects everyday people.  There’s no upside to these stories nor is there a happy ending.  This isn’t that type of comic book.  The stories introduce a character, introduce the problems that they have, and what it is like living like that person on a particular day.  No escape.  No solace.  Just real life.
I deal with my own mental health daily.  I struggle with depression and also have a bit of A.D.D. with a splash of O.C.D.  Maybe that’s why it is hard to read a comic like this because it possibly hits so close to home.
There isn’t much of a narrative and the different stories & characters don’t come together in any way.  It is an anthology except that this one was written and drawn by just two people.  I’m unsure if writing this book was cathartic for writer Roddy McCance and if any of this is his own personal issues, issue with friends or family, or simply a subject that he is greatly interested in.  I will say that artist Rolands Kalnins does a terrific job with the artwork and is able to visually capture McCance’s words.
This is not a book for everyone but if you are at all interested in mental health then this book may truly interest you.  I found Tales of the Fractured Mind to be a well put together book that dropped me right into the middle of the problems that some face in the world every day.  I don’t know if I was ready to face those problems but I had to come to grips with my own problems as I read through.  This book makes you think.  Perhaps that is the point.