If Honah Lee is Trenton’s Descendents then the only way you can describe classic punk outfit The Cryptkeeper Five is that they are Trenton’s Ramones.  CK5 is legendary in Jersey and while they might have left their costumes and makeup in the dust they are still making fantastic fucking music for all you boys and girls.

CK5 is back with The Stronghold – the group’s first album in five years.  I cant wait to get my grubby little mitts on the album to give it a review.  But while I’m sitting impatiently waiting I spotted something cool on the band’s Facebook.

You can now pre-order The Stronghold on vinyl but if you pre-order you get it for $3 cheaper AND get a limited edition orange color vinyl record.  I’m sure they’ll call it something fancy but I’m calling it orange.

Regardless it is pretty badass.  CK5 coming out with a new album is worth celebrating in itself but this limited edition vinyl looks way too sweet.

You can pre-order over at http://www.cryptkeeperfive.com – and while you are there please pre-order one for me too.