The new Valiant Comics went through a lot before they even got to publish their first book. There was a auction, then trademark issues. They brought in someone to oversee the launch of their new line only to see him slip away. There were eager Valiant fans foaming at the mouth for new stories but there were many questions. Would the new comics continue the storylines from the original comics? The Acclaim relaunch? A hybrid of them both? Or something completely new?

The Surrogates writer Robert Venditti was brought in to not only write X-O Manowar, Valiant’s first book of their brand new line, but to launch this completely new universe full of familiar characters for rabid fans and newcomers alike.

In May 2012, one day after the release of X-O Manowar #1, I sat down with Venditti to talk about X-O’s launch, the character, and the future of not just X-O but the entire Valiant Universe. Time has told that X-O launched Valiant into the stratosphere but back in 2012 there was just one Valiant comic hitting shelves that month.

Hopefully Valiant fans (or comic fans in general) will dig this 30 minute interview.

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