First off I will say that the audio on this interview is kinda low. I’m not quite sure why it is so low. We were in a closed environment (one of the cast’s trailer) which I was thankful for since it was over 100 degrees that day. I’m thinking that the voice recorder just wasn’t close enough to grab amazing audio but I also seem to recollect that there was nowhere for me to actually place my recorder so I just held it in my hand.

This is a fun interview with Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Rob McElhenney while they were in Philadelphia doing pickup shots for the upcoming Season 6 of Always Sunny. When I started the interview I asked them if they remembered me because I was fairly certain that they would not. I had interviewed Glenn and Rob in-between shows when the Sunny cast was performing a live stage show of The Nightman Cometh at The Tower Theater in Philly. Surprisingly they not only recollected but actually remembered where the interview took place. As the interviews only lasted a couple months I was pretty shocked.

Missing was Katelyn Olsen who had not arrived on-set as of yet. Bummer. But it was really a ton of fun sitting down with Charlie, Glenn, and Rob to talk about the amazing success of Always Sunny.

Once again – sorry for the crappy audio. I still have a couple more Always Sunny interviews coming. I’ll once again thank the wonderful people at FX for giving me the opportunity to be on-set.

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