The coolest thing I saw at Too Many Games this year?  It was these lamps made by the Geeky Tinkerer.  First watch the video above…!!!

So basically this lamp has a base that is an old Nintendo cartridge.  The Zapper faces up and ends with a lightbulb.  The lamp cover?  It can be Hogan’s Alley or Duck Hunt depending on what you decide to purchase (maybe he’ll do a Freedom Force some day???).  When you press down on the Zapper’s trigger the lamp turns on.  Then you can click it two more times to make it brighter and brighter.

How amazing is that shit!??!?!?!

I ran into Geeky Tinkerer’s table at the very end of my shopping experience at Too Many Games or else I would have picked this up immediately.  The cost?  $95 – which is damn reasonable when you take into account the time and energy put in to make one of these amazing lamps.

The fact that Geeky Tinkerer lives just 10 minutes from me may mean that I may need a trip to his workshop to see all of hims amazing inventions.

You can see the Duck Hunt lamp by clicking right here.  And if you want to visit Geeky Tinkerer’s Etsy page with a bunch of great stuff you can check it out at: