I was onset for the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia pick-up shots they shoot around Philly for their various episodes. The shots being filmed when I arrived were for the episode ‘The Gang Gets A New Member’ which featured guest star Jason Sudeikis.

I was hanging out with all the stars of the show in the 100+ degrees day in South Philly as they tried to repair the car they were going to use for a scene. Jason Sudeikis suddenly showed up so I ran up to chat with him about him playing Todd Palin on SNL (even then this was dated as it was a few years after that election…but I still loved him as “that character”), how he came to be a guest on Sunny, his upcoming Drew Barrymore movie with himself and Charlie Day, and briefly about some upcoming film he was also doing with Charlie titled Horrible Bosses (which I totally love).

I still have a couple more Always Sunny interviews coming. I’ll once again thank the wonderful people at FX for giving me the opportunity to be onset.