I was onset for the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia pick-up shots they shoot around Philly for their various episodes. The shots being filmed when I arrived were for the episode ‘The Gang Gets A New Member’ which featured guest star Jason Sudekis.

It was literally hot as balls outside. I believe it was just north of 100 degrees and everyone was standing around sweating their asses off. They were supposed to shoot a car scene with Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, and Sudekis but the car was broke down. They kept working on it and working on it but they couldn’t get the damn thing going.

So there I was with a bunch of stars in this 100 degrees heat. They were pretty miserable. I was fairly miserable. I took the opportunity to talk to Danny DeVito and just pick his brain. My questions were all over the place but considering the short amount of time I actually got to speak with him I wanted to jam in as many questions as I could. We actually chatted for longer then this recording but something must have happened to the recorder. Probably user error.

The Sunny guys were really amazing both times that I got to hang with them and interview them for whatever article I was writing. I’ll have more Always Sunny interviews coming shortly. I guess I’ll also thank the wonderful people at FX for giving me the opportunity to be onset. Hot as bars…but quite fun.