I’m not too sold on Blade Runner 2049 yet.  The original film was a spectacular failure but has grown to be widely accepted as one of the best sci-fi films of all time.  Ridley Scott was just a little ahead of his time on that flick.

2049 brings back Harrison Ford’s Deckard along with Ryan Gosling’s new character I-don’t-care-what-his-name-is.  Look…I don’t like Ryan Gosling.  Now I’ve enjoyed his performances in the past two movies I’ve seen him in (though The Nice Guys was LEAGUES beyond La La Land) but I’m never running out to see a Ryan Gosling movie.  Yet I keep running out to see Ryan Gosling movies.  Puzzling.

You don’t have Ridley Scott on-board directing but after seeing Alien: Covenant that may have been the best move ever made.  Especially when you have a white hot director like Denis Villeneuve aboard directing.  I’ll give it to Denis – he has an amazing directing style.

Will I see this in theaters?  Of course I will.  Will Warner Bros. invite me back to the screening room for an early review?  If they were smart they would.  Will I enjoy it?  I sure hope so.  Having Gosling on-board doesn’t mean it’ll be a bad movie (once again…Nice Guys).  It’ll just be interesting to see where the plot is going after the 82 Directors Cuts Ridley Scott has done since the initial film’s release.

This featurette?  Pretty damn cool.  Watch and enjoy.  Leave thoughts below.