As I say during this interview I was damn happy to sit down with Dan Fogler.  DAMN HAPPY.  I still think the man is an amazing actor and has some great comedic ability.  I was sad that in the past couple years he has been in less films but Fogler came back with a vengeance in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.  Dan is the best part of that film (along with Alison Sudol’s Queenie).

We sat down to talk about his upcoming flick Balls of Fury and his role as Randy Daytona.  I hadn’t even seen the film yet but I was NOT passing up the opportunity to talk to Fogler.  The film ended up being critically panned – but those people didn’t get the movie.  I mean it is Enter The Dragon…with ping pong.  What isn’t to love?  Fogler as a washed up ping pong player who has to come out of retirement to save the day?  Awesome. He killed it.  Me?  I loved it.  I’m actually watching it right now as I type this.

Dan talks about what it was like reading the script, scenes with Maggie Q, and getting to work with Christopher Walken.  We also talked a bit about Fanboys – which was supposed to be released shortlyish after this interview but ended up being shelved for a couple years. Shame we never got that Hutch in Stormtrooper Outfit action figure.