The kid and I were discussing what games we wanted to pick up at Too Many Games next week (big shoutout!) and he had mentioned the Banjo-Kazooie series for the Nintendo 64. I was pretty sure they were on the Rare Replay disc I had bought a couple years ago and….sure enough…it was.

This is actually a fairly longplay of the first level as we meander about trying to collect everything and rescue all the ugly mole things. I had never played the game back when it was first released in the nineties, the kid had never played it either, so this was our first foray into playing a classic Rare title.

This is just the FIRST LEVEL of the game. Unbelievable how big the game is and how much there is to do. Will we back with the second level? I guess we shall see. There isn’t much bad gameplay here as we had plenty to explore…and I had plenty to run my mouth about.