Every year I go to Art All Night Trenton to check out all the local bands and see some incredible artwork.

Don’t know what Art All Night Trenton is?  From their website:

Art All Night-Trenton is a 24-hour (literally) art and entertainment event in Trenton, NJ! An opportunity for four-year-old refrigerator artists, spirited novices and seasoned professionals to display one piece of art in a gallery like setting and for the public to enjoy that art in a dramatic renovated urban space. In 2016, over 1,500 artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums submitted work and more than 30,000 people attended! Enjoy live music on indoor and outdoor stages, interactive art, our brand new film festival, lectures about using art to revitalize cities, meaningful kids art activities, interesting food, and plenty of artful surprises!

Basically great local art, local (or Jersey) bands, local films, food trucks…it’s a ton of fun.  Gets crowded as fuck – but still fun.

This year was my first year not “going.”  A couple factors kept me from going to see all the bands I wanted to see last night which was a total bummer.  As the event is 24 hours I did sneak out in the wee hours of Sunday morning to go take a look at all the artwork.

My favorite works?  All the stuff based on comic books, gaming, music, and movies, of course.  I didn’t see any gaming artwork this year.  Shame.  Last year they had this phenom Mario painting but that shit was like 3 grand.

So I thought to showcase some of the great “geek” artwork that I saw at this year’s Art All Night.  BUT I’m going to start with a piece that isn’t geeky at all..


This painting is GORGEOUS.  It may be the single greatest painting I’ve ever seen at Art All Night ever.  It is sensual.  It is beautiful.  I totally want to make out with this painting.  It is absolutely fantastic.  The eyes…the lips…everything.  Man – just amazing.  This piece is called “Waiting in Vain” by Vinita Mathur and it looks like the website is vujadeworks.com.  I guess I’ll be going right to the website as soon as I’m done this short article to see what else is available from this artist.  MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING.  This literally belongs on my wall.  I can pay part – so if someone wants to lend me $1,065 I can pay the rest.

This is a stunning Joker piece called “HA HA HA” by William Coward.  I’m thinking he might have painted it based on a panel in one of the Batman books.  All the Bat-books run together for me.  Regardless if it is from a comic or just from his head this is amazing.  I couldn’t find anything on William Coward on Google.  Rather I found too much.  There’s 6 million Williams Cowards.  I couldn’t find one locally who did art.

This piece is outstanding in so many ways.  It is titled “A “Tail” Of Two Kitties: Halle & Eartha” by Darlene Herring and it features, of course, the two African American versions of Catwoman (Eartha Kitt from the original Batman TV show from the sixties, Halle Berry from that not-s0-good Catwoman movie).  Black superheros (or villains) are pretty rare in live action form so I think it is pretty outstanding that two black women both played a role that is usually played by a Caucasian.  I would have never thought of putting these two together in a million years.  It was great thinking on Darlene’s part.  Couldn’t find a website for her either…

It’s all about timing.  Art All Night Trenton was just a few weeks after the release of WB’s Wonder Woman movie starring the beautiful Gal Gadot.  Thank God the movie was pretty good.  I’m guessing Freddie Colon IV was either very excited the flick was coming out or saw the movie, went home, and said, “She HAS to be my Art All Night submission.”  I love her eyes here.  Very serious.  Like she is seriously about to hone in on someone and kick their ass.  Love it.  Freddie DOES have a website where you can check out more so much pop culture stuff at: PopCultureHOARD.com.

Prince got some major love at Art All Night with two different pieces dedicated to the late singer.  This one is a bit more pop art and just blows me away.  This is some great work from Anthony Hunter II and I was simply shocked that, when I went this morning, no one had already purchased this bad boy.  It is fan-fucking-tastic.  I love it, love it, love it.  The piece is titled “King Purple Prince” and it truly is one hell of a tribute to one of my favorite artists of all time.  Anthony’s work and clothing can be seen at: freshandcrisp.com.  Hip hop clothing…wonder if he knows my brother Harif…

The second piece just makes me ….sad.  Like Prince was caught up in the Purple Rain and it is what took him away.  This superb piece is called “Purple Storm” painted by Art Tolbert.  This is also a stunning tribute to Prince as well.

I’m truly hoping one of these days I’ll see someone paint Prince as Gemini….that’s just the Batman dork in me.

This is brilliant.  If you don’t know the story behind Rosie the Riveter you probably don’t know the history of this country, how the women of this country helped keep it afloat during the World Wars, and how iconic the Rosie the Riveter artwork truly is.  Now I’m sure many people may have thought of doing an homage piece using Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons but I’ve never seen it prior to seeing Cheryl Painter’s painting “Rosie the Riveted.” Did a great job getting the exact look from the original artwork and then doing it ….with a robot.  Cheryl’s last name is Painter and she’s a painter?  HAH!  That’s awesome too.  I’m guessing you can see more of her work at: facebook.com/facepaintnj.

You know what’s great about The Nightmare Before Christmas….beyond EVERYTHING?  It’s a great kids movie, its macabre, it is entertaining for adults, and it serves as both a Halloween flick and a Christmas film.  It’s a toofer.  This piece by Casey Garrell is titled “Jack and Sally” and features Jack Skellingt0n and Sally in a tender embrace.  It really wants me to go, “AWWWWWWWW.”

I’ll end this bad boy with a little Bill Murray.  This piece is titled “Steve Zissou” by Patrick Forsyth and it is of Bill Murray in the titular role from Wes Anderson’s very fun flick The Life Acquatic with Steve Zissou.  This is a really great rendition of Bill and I’m guessing someone else thought so too as this piece already has a little ‘Sold’ sticker on it.  Maybe next year Patrick can knock out a Venkman.  You can check out his work at: https://www.instagram.com/smash_bang.

And I guess that’s it for my look at the geeky works of Art All Night Trenton.  Of course there are THOUSANDS of amazing pieces each and every year at the event so if you are anywhere in the Tri-State area you should always check it out.  If you live in like Idaho then….I don’t know.  Move to Jersey.  It’s better here.

Learn more about Art All Night Trenton at: http://www.artallnighttrenton.org.