The second I heard the name Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter I knew I had to see this movie.  I didn’t even care what it was about, it was just a fucking awesome name.  I hear Rogue Warrior and Richard Marchinko’s autobiography instantly comes to mind (a Navy Seal who kills everyone).  And Robot Fighter certainly invokes the old Gold Key Magnus comics.  Put it all together it is one superb title.

This film has nothing to do with a Navy Seal nor a man who punches robots for a living.  Rather it is about a smoking hot busty blonde female protagonist who goes out to kill all the robots.  The robots are quite easy to kill with her super incredible laser gun.  The fun is watching her running around taking down these killer droids.

Sienna (Tracey Birdsall) is a kickass robot killer who works with these dudes.  She starts off meeting some arms dealer guy who gets his ass blown to bits by an angry robot.  Sienna takes off in her fighter and finds herself…shot down.  No worries.  She’s a badass who can easily survive a crash, take out her pistol, and start firing dead center.

Right away the movie reminded me of Tomb Raider meets Casshern.  Lots of CGI here but it actually looked pretty damn good for what had to be a pretty low budget film.  I was quite surprised and quite happy with this.

So – the plot.  I’m going to be honest here.  I watched the entire film, turned it off, thought about the plot and…I didn’t really get it.  Here’s what I think I gleamed after watching the flick.  The robots are lead by a robot called The Scourge or something.  But all of these robots are out to take out humans and steal their memories with their electric laser beams.  This hacking process renders you kinda brain dead.  There’s also some sort of plague that has infected human kind.  So people are dead or infected – we don’t like them either.  There’s sex robots too.  Space jail.  Space whiskey!  And a bunch of Isaac Asimov terminology.

So Sienna takes a super spacecraft and heads off with Blister (Tim McGrath) who wants to head out with Sienna basically because, well, she’s a hot blonde with a smoking hot bod.  They get drunk but he doesn’t get lucky.  Poor guy.  They go to space jail where they are able to free Skullcrusher (Daz Crawford).  Skullcrusher is some kinda space renegade who is also really great at taking out the evil robots.  Crawford himself?  He reminds me of Vin Diesel’s slightly less built but more emotive cousin.  Plus he had a sexy accent.  Chicks will dig him.  Sienna surely does.

This trio returns to a planet that kind of looks like Dune with more housing and take on the evil Skynet robots. For a lot of the movie the protagonist isn’t by herself.  Half the movie she is running around with these two.  I hear Rogue Warrior and I imagine a lone soldier off fighting her own fight.  That’s just me.  But I guess in this environment it is good to have friends.

Eventually Sienna ditches her compadres (which also includes a newly picked up sex robot) and goes off to another world where she finally gets to fight the evil robots solo.  She continues to totally kick every robot ass.  Badass female protagonist who takes no shit from no one!  There’s also a plot twist involving Sienna that impacts the third act of the film.  I won’t go into that one though because I believe that would be ruining it for the audience.

So I watched the whole film and I’m still not sure what I saw.  It was a bit nonsensical.


This is the exact kind of movie that I LOVE but they just don’t make anymore.  Decent special effects, violence, nudity, and killer robots.  It really reminded me of those eighties movies I would watch over and over and over again like Ice Pirates, Dune, Last Starfighter, Battle Beyond The Stars, Space Raiders, a dash of Space Truckers, and maybe some Photon and/or Farscape thrown in for good measure.  You have a beautiful leading lady who is unstoppable.  She’s female Rambo.  As long as she has a laser gun in her hand she is going to take down anything you put in front of her.  I may have a bit of a crush now…

I would say that Birdsall had a ton of fun doing this.  It is the type of film whether you are against a green screen or on a physical set that kinda looks like a spaceship or a hallway in a space jail that she seems to just be having a ball.  There’s really not that many actors in this film so it mostly gets to be all about Birdsall.  Half the movie she is with McGrath and Crawford (and smoking hot sex robot Ashley Park) but overall the cast is quite limited.  The Hobbit’s William Kircher (he played Bifur) has a small part but he doesn’t get enough screentime.  I’d say most of the money here went to building the props, sets, and creating the effects.

The best part?  Clerks actress Marilyn Ghigliotti shows up!  She’s like this badass sniper who just lays around shooting down these flying robots.  I was like, “HOLY CRAP!”  I was SO excited to have her in this movie.  The worst part?  She’s not in the film for very long.  It’s a shame because for the brief time Ghigliotti and Birdsall were together they seemed to have the best chemistry in this entire picture.  I was hoping she would pop up again.  Maybe the sequel?  Because there has to be a sequel, right???

The puzzling part?  There is many times where the characters had these dirty faces.  But their clothes?  Clean as a whistle.  And they are out fighting in harsh desert environments that would make Mad Max say, “Damn this is dingy.”  I’m guessing that, since this is the future, Tide invented Uber-Tide which really gets them dirty clothes clean.  I’m just saying the costume designer could have rubbed some dirt on some of the clothes before filming.

Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter really kicked some major ass.  I loved this film.  LOVED IT.  It had some high octane action that kept my eyes glued to the screen. I don’t care that I spent 20 minutes after the film trying to completely figure it out.  I really think it invokes the spirit of earlier sci-fi films that just barreled ahead and didn’t care about explaining everything to the audience.  As the viewer you are just here to go along for the ride.  This ride was pretty damn fun.  Yes it may be a tad cheesy.  I’m just happy the special effects were really solid for a picture that probably had a tiny budget.  I read it was a bit south of $4 million which is exceptional considering the effect shots in Rogue Warrior.

But it was damn fun.  That is all I ever wanted from a movie titled Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.

It looks like writer/director Neil Johnson likes to make these kind of cheap, fun sci-fi films and has a long list of films that he has directed.  I may have to go out and watch every Neil Johnson film I can get my grubby little hands on.  With titles like Starship: Rising, Starship: Apocalypse, and Humanity’s End I’m sure I am in for some great movie fun.

If you are like me and instantly like a title like Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter or are just into some low budget yet very fun sci-fi, this flick is totally for you.  It’s not available on digital platforms like iTunes nor on high-def Blu-ray – but you can snag the DVD pretty cheap from sites like Best Buy or Target.  Though don’t go to the store to buy it, they don’t seem to carry it in store.  At least my local stores did not, which is a shame.  If I was walking down the DVD aisle and saw this cover I would instantly place it into my shopping cart.


P.S.  Seriously…next time…more Marilyn Ghigliotti. Pretty please.