Back in 1996 I was walking the streets of Tel Aviv when I heard this woman singing.  I thought to myself, “Damn, she can fucking wail!”  I walked over to the cafe and looked up at the television, completely captivated by the video of this beautiful woman screaming, “EVERYTHING’S FINE!”  Her name was Tracy Bonham and the song was called Mother, Mother.  I noted it in the back of my head.

Upon my return to the States in 1997 I picked up Tracy’s album The Burdens of Being Upright.  I REALLY loved the album especially the songs The One and Bulldog.  I picked up her next two albums (Down Here and Blink The Brighest) right on release day.  I thought each subsequent release was better than the last.  Tracy’s released a couple more albums after Blink, but that album still blows me away from the first track to the last.

Tracy is back with a new album that will be releasing shortly.  It’s called Modern Burdens and it is a reimagining of her first Burdens album.  She says it is because it is the twentieth anniversary but I’m pretty sure that can’t be right.  Your math is wrong, Tracy.  I can’t be that old…I’m sure I’m not…

Tracy writes on the PledgeMusic page for the album, “(The Burdens of Being Upright) was written about an abusive ex boyfriend more than twenty years ago, and the lyrics are finding their way into present day conversations I am / we are having about misogyny, making themselves relevant again.”

What does this tell me? Two things. #1 is that Tracy had a lot to say back then and that what she had to say still applies to today (and as she notes perhaps more relevant than ever).

#2? I totally could have dated Tracy in 1996 and been the best boyfriend EVER.

This reimagining of the Burdens album also comes with a plethora of talent that Tracy is working with to bring her new vision to life to include Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses, Belly, Sadie DuPuis of Speedy Ortiz, Sad13, Rachael Yamagata, Katherine Calder of New Pornographers, Angie Hart of Frente, Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo, and Nicole Atkins. Some I am completely familiar with. Others I am not. In my eyes if Tracy is working with them then I am going to truly expect some greatness.

I am really excited for this album. I can’t believe it has been twenty years since I fell in love with Tracy’s music (I’m still pretty convinced that math is wrong somehow) and having her go back to this classic album sounds like it will be the bee’s knees. The album will be available on digital, CDs, and….VINYL! TRACY ON VINYL!!! How fucking awesome is that!?!??!!?

Some of the proceeds from the album are also going to charity which is outstanding.  One of the charities is Girl Up which is committed to helping young girls all around the world.  That is just beautiful to hear.  Because this album is truly a gift to old fans, a way to connect with new fans, and giving some proceeds to charity is just the icing on this already amazing cake.

As of today Modern Burdens is already fully funded.  Awesome.  But if you are looking for some new music or loved Tracy’s music years ago this is the perfect chance to score some phenomenal music.  It also looks like when you do this preorder you also get a digital download of the new version of Mother Mother.  Score.

I may sound like a huge cheerleader on this but as a huge fan of Tracy Bonham I couldn’t be more stoked.  So what now?

Mosey on over to to check out the album and all the killer perks Tracy has available.

If you are reading this Tracy, best of luck to you.  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve come up with.