Motor Girl #6

Written and Drawn by: Terry Moore

Published by: Abstract Studios

As Motor Girl started jussssst before I launched this site I thought I would wait until issue 6 when the arc wrapped up so I could give my overview of the first six issues.  Issue 6 finally hit and something funny happened.  It wasn’t the end of an arc.  It was just the latest issue in the series.

I decided to finally give my thoughts with the release of the latest issue.  If you haven’t been reading Terry Moore’s newest series (can I call it a limited series?) what you have been missing is a weird and funky sci-fi mystery book about Samantha – a former Marine and war veteran who works in a junkyard, spends her day talking to an (imaginary) monkey named Mike, and possibly discovering alien life when UFO’s come to visit her.  Did I mention it is in the same universe as Strangers in Paradise?

The issues previously had a man named Walden trying to buy the junkyard off its owner, Libby (Francine’s Aunt over in SIP).  Libby’s only reason to holding onto the property seems to be because Samantha likes it there.  Sam likes it, Libby won’t sell.  At around the same time Sam starts interacting with some cute alien creatures landing in their UFO, Walden sends two goons named Larry and Victor to put the squeeze on Libby by kidnapping Sam.  That…does not go well for them.

The last issue saw Walden and his gang right outside Libby’s property actually shooting down the UFO.  They descend upon the UFO and don’t find the cute aliens that Sam knows but some truly sinister looking shadow creatures.  Back at the junkyard Sam (and Mike) are tending to Larry who has just returned to Earth after his abduction by the aliens.  This is followed by one of the aliens literally landing on her doorstep.

The issue suddenly takes a turn as we see Samantha flashback into the  middle of a firefight during her time overseas.  This is perhaps the best part of the issue if not the entire series as we get to see a more complete Samantha serving her country while dealing with the insanity of war.  Samantha finds herself in a situation where she needs to be a solider but finds herself facing a very humane moment during the insanity.  Even though, in this moment, she has the best intentions for her life and the life of a small child – everything goes to shit.

It’s a very real moment for Samantha and truly shows the horrors she’s been through.  Is this why she sees her monkey friend Mike – something that seems very real to her?  Is this why she sees aliens?  Well the aliens are very much real, very much right at her back door.  What else in this world is or is not as it seems?

I’m sure I love this series because it stars someone ex-military (like me), who likes to basically talk to themselves (like I do), believes in UFOs (I’ll tell you stories some day if you’d like), and drawn & written by the biggest and best talent in the comic book world today: Terry Moore.  If you’ve ever read Terry’s work you know that, in whatever he does, there is more than meets the eye.  I can’t wait to see where this series is going.  I’m going to assume with the new Strangers in Paradise just around the corner next year that there isn’t much more of this great series to come so I’m going to certainly enjoy this ride while I still can.