So I read about the Super Retro Boy all the way back in January but as the product’s launch is (hopefully) August 2017 I thought I would talk about it.

First off I am a Retro-Bit fanboy.  I really love my Retro Duo (which is able to play NES and SNES games) and also my Retro-Bit Generations – a tiny console that has a slew of NES, SNES, Game Boy, and arcade titles from companies like Capcom and Data East.  I think their products are pretty amazing and a ton of fun.

So what is the Super Retro Boy?  Basically it is a brand new version of Nintendo’s Game Boy which will play the original Gam Boy games, Game Boy Color, and even Game Boy Advance titles.  It’s rechargeable so you can plug it in, charge it, and then have ten hours of battery life.  That beats that old Game Boy that took 4 AA’s and would die after five hours of playing Link’s Awakening.

Why buy this?  Well if you are looking for a portable console where you can play three different types of your old games then this is for you.  “BUT MY GAMEBOY ADVANCE ALREADY DOES THE SAME THING!” you say?  Yes…you are right.

So what are the advantages of buying this?  Well it is brand spanking new so you are not relying on that twenty year old technology every time you walk out to play a game.  Plus maybe if you do own a GBA you don’t want to walk outside with it because it is twenty years old…you don’t want to break it.

From the press release: This all-in-one solution plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, and comes equipped with a TFT HD scratch and shatter-resistant screen, 2,500mAh battery which offers 10 hours of gameplay, four action buttons and a bundled 10-in-1 game cartridge. It’s expected to ship in North America this August with a retail price of $79.99.

What the hell is a TFT HD screen?  I dunno – but I’m going to readily assume that HD means Hi-Def and therefore will look a hell of a lot better than an old Game Boy Advance.  And I’m SUPER SURE it’ll look WAY BETTER than an original Game Boy.

I hope to talk more about this when it is finally released in August.  I really can’t wait for this bad boy to be released.