First off my title may be a bit misleading…but I’ll get to that in a second.

I’m a Seth MacFarlane fan.  Love Family Guy.  Love American Dad.  Love Ted.  And…I won’t acknowledge some other media.

Both American Dad and Family Guy are my go-to cartoons.  Sad?  Watch American Dad.  Want to really laugh?  Watch American Dad.  Can’t turn my brain off but need to go to sleep?  Watch American Dad.

I’ve become dependent on Netflix for my fix…they are my American Dad drug dealer.  I need a fix I just turn on Netflix for some instant gratification.  After a couple weeks of 30 Rock and Family Guy at bedtime I went to watch some American Dad last night.  But something was wrong.

It wasn’t there.

Well – there are currently four seasons of American Dad left.  And I’ll say “currently” here.  Because as the other seasons have seemed to disappear from Netflix I’m just going to assume it is only a matter of time before the hatchet drops on those four seasons too.

What’s the haps?  Who stole American Dad?  Was it you, Hulu?  DID YOU FUCKING STEAL MY SHOW!??!?!?!

According to Hulu’s website 9 seasons of American Dad are up on Hulu.  You Thomas Crown assholes!

It seems that Fox (and FX) are pulling the shows from Netflix according to some random article I pulled up.  Pulling?  Isn’t there contracts that are signed for these sort of things?  Maybe Netflix and Fox couldn’t come to some sort of agreement?  Fox asking for too much money from the media giant?  But gone from Netflix is Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, X-Files, Ally McBeal…and most of American Dad.  Pay up, Netflix!!!  Or stop being assholes, Fox!!!

Now you could be reading this and say, “Just get Hulu!”  It’s a valid point.  But I just don’t watch that much television these days.  I truly understand there’s lots of great archived show on Hulu but unless those archives included all the seasons of Diff’rent Strokes, What’s Happening, AND What’s Happening Now…I’m not interested.

Netflix is now worth 9.8 kazillion dollars.  Just looked it up so don’t bother to fact check me.  I understand that they have such an amazing line-up of original programming with so much more to come.  But if you get rid of the shows I like to watch like Scrubs and American Dad…it just pisses me off.  If Arrested Development leaves?  Better Off Ted?  There should be rioting!  And wars!  SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE!  Write my local congresswoman and say, “Hey, you aren’t doing shit in congress, lady.  Maybe you should work on something real important…like getting Scrubs and American Dad back on Netflix!”

You cut me deep, Netflix.  You really cut me deep.  You hurt me Jennifer Hedge bad.  And I know no one will actually get that reference ….except Jennifer Hedge…but still…YOU HURT ME.

It’s never too late Netflix.  Get some negotiations going.  Because if not I will call U.S. Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman to introduce some legislation in the House of Representatives to force you to bring it back.  And after 932,831 calls…Represenative Coleman may listen to me.  Or…have me arrested.  But if I get arrested…I’m calling you for bail money Netflix!!!