Lilith Dark #1

Written by: Charles C. Dowd

Art by: Charles C. Dowd

Published by: Alterna Comics

As a kid there were two very different sides to me.  One was the kid who would stay in on the computer or the NES and just play games for hours on end.  But there was also the kid who would wonder the streets for hours using his imagination.  I’d build a speeder bike from an old sawhorse so I could ride around Endor with Luke or venture into the woods to fight imaginary monsters.

I think that’s why reading Lilith Dark #1 really appealed to me.  Lilith is a little girl who has adventure at every turn.  She has her trusty sword and helmet.  She has no problem going out to slay the evil beasties that are looking to destroy her.  Of course when Lilith comes out of her imagination she finds that she isn’t slaying beasties.  She’s just standing on top of the kitchen table ruining dinner for the whole family.

Lilith doesn’t want dinner anyway.  She wants to slay monsters.  She wants excitement.  She wants to ride a T-Rex while wearing a cape.  She just wants to escape that mundane life you live when you are a kid and are being told what to do at every turn.

One day when Lilith and her brother are supposed to be on the way to school, her bro Dewey gets on the bus without her.  Lilith?  She follows a sweet kitty who is running down the countryside.  Just like any great fairy tale it is following the kitten and going where she doesn’t belong when Lilith finds she is somewhere she is probably not supposed to be.  It certainly isn’t a brightly colored Wonderland.  But there are a plethora of beasties.  And if there are beasties…then Lilith may just be the little girl to tackle them.

This book is super cute and, again, really brought me back to an age when my imagination meant the world to me.  Really great is that the protagonist is a young girl.  Why is this important?  Comics, as a medium, tend to be very male-centric.  If it isn’t male-centric then you have a very busty female flying about.  So having Lilith Dark as a little girl off on a magical adventure is a refreshing breath of fresh air.  If you are a comic dad with a little girl and looking for something fun to read to her without having to try and explain Power Girl’s boob window then this book will truly be excellent.  It’s fun.  It’s exciting.  It shows that it isn’t a bad thing to have an imagination.  And, most importantly, Lilith Dark is really, really good.

The comic is only a 4 issue miniseries so it looks like there is definitely a beginning, middle, and end.  I’ll be waiting for issue two as I can’t wait to see what our young heroine has in store for the evil beasts she needs to conquer.