The Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop was a local Trenton group that I adored. Made up of Mr. Law, Rahzii Hi-Powa, and Tony D (named here as Don Nots) the group only released on album in 1992 on the Profile label titled Deja Vu, It’s ’82.

It was two years later in 1994 when Rahzii and Tony D came down one day to chill on my radio show on 91.3 WTSR. It was great kicking back with Tony D – who I had known for a couple of years and had a great rapport with. It was the first time meeting Rahzii but I knew him from guesting on tracks from artists like Blvd Mosse and Poor Righteous Teachers. I was a young 18 year old punk on local radio and in my studio were two musicians I watched on Yo! MTV Raps. Pull out PRT’s 144K and there’s Rahzii.  Pull out early PRT, YZ, or any number of Trenton rap groups and there’s Tony’s producing style.  The trip to the station was memorable to say the least.  I know that anyone could listen to Tony D on the radio since he hosted his own show…but again…this was damn special to me.

A shorter version of this clip exists on YouTube that just has Tony D and Rahzii freestyling. Having just found this longer version of the clip with the duo talking I thought to repost for any fans of Tony D, Rahzii, and the Crusaders. The downside is Tony D and Rahzii were there for about an hour and a half and all that is left is this 6 minutes.

The one part that makes me laugh about this is Tony D brought in his Flav Beats From The Cave album which I cued up…but it wouldn’t actually play. REALLY PROFESSIONAL DJING RIGHT HERE. Nothing says professional like 15 seconds of dead air on the radio. All good. Then we get the freestyle over Tribe’s Electric Relaxation beat so I consider that a treat right to this very day.

While you can purchase a cassette, CD, or vinyl of Crusaders’ lone album it is not available on any streaming sites like Spotify. Nor through the iTunes. It will be a damn shame if the album fades from existence because some jerk doesn’t want to upload the album for people to buy!!!

I started a Crusaders retrospective a couple months back that I’d love to get back to and work on.  Hoping one of these days to get Mr. Law, Rahzii, and Kevon Glickman to sit back and talk about the band.  There’s not many Profile Records people who are willing to talk about the album…thus far.  We’ll see.  Hopefully I’ll be back someday with an awesome overview of a great Trenton group.