When I found this Neil Gaiman interview I thought, at first, it was when we had chatted at an after party thrown right after a screening of Beowulf at Comic-Con. I had spent a number of minutes with Gaiman chatting up Beowulf, Stardust, Good Omens, American Gods and my love of Sandman while imbibing some amazing cocktails. It was an awesome time chatting with a legend.

I was actually quite surprised to find that this interview took place months earlier when Gaiman was promoting the upcoming Stardust film. Honestly it was a conversation that I had completely forgotten about. The interview is pretty short and sweet. Personally I think I don’t sound so great in this interview – lots of ums and uhs. I’m sure it is because I’m talking to NEIL GAIMAN. It wasn’t often that I was “starstruck”…but it was NEIL GAIMAN. Of course I never planned it to be heard by anyone because it was for an article – but since that article no longer exists here’s the audio!

Gaiman talks about the adaptation of Stardust from his novel to the big screen. He talks about how illustrator Charles Vess marveled at what the filmmakers did with the Stardust world and the changes that were made for the film (plus the adaptation in general). He also answers my question about receiving money in the mail from fans and thoughts on a Good Omens feature film (which never happened…but a 6 part series will premiere on Amazon next year so it is FINALLY coming).