Ghost Island #1 – The Invitation

Written by: Joseph Oliveira

Art by: Anabela Turlione

Published by: Self Published

Ghost Island starts out with a man in a house holding a seance of sorts with a family.  The family is trying to reach their dead son and when psychic Josh Evans reaches out he soon learns the torrid story of the kid’s death.  Josh’s powers sure are real and there’s no wonder people call him for help talking to the dead.

When Josh is mysteriously summoned to an island he decides to accept the invitation.  He does so begrudgingly but is interested in what he may find.  On the boat ride to the island there are all sorts of different types of people that also accepted the invitation to include a father and son and some reporters.  One reporter knows Josh and wants to chat him up but Josh, aware of the reporter’s reputation, wants to stay far away from him.

The group arrives at the island still having no clue what is going on.  When they finally meet the “man behind the veil” they learn that this mysteriously millionaire has actually made the entire island an attraction.  It is called Ghost Island and here patrons can pay money to hang out with imprisoned ghosts.  That’s right – ghosts this man has captured and enslaved so they can basically be amusements to those who want to pay to come to this island.

We all know what is to come, right?  Josh is going to have face off against some evil ghosts who will want nothing more than to hurt the guests.  Everything will go wrong and everyone will be in danger.  And it’ll be up to Josh to stop the ghosts before they kill everyone.

NOW that isn’t to say that because I can guess at the plot that I’m right.  And if I am right it is certainly about the journey here, not the destination.  What I really enjoyed the comic is even though it is really about the setup it takes its time.  It spends quite a bit of time with Josh himself – first on a job and then what is going on in his personal life.  It really sets up the kind of person that he is so by the time he gets on the boat to the island you already feel personally involved with the character.

This is primarily accomplished by this first issue being 44 pages long.  There’s no rush to jump right into the story with characters you aren’t invested with.  I think this point is most important.

Ghost Island is off to a great start and I can’t wait to see what is coming next.  The comic is like Jurassic Park meets Sixth Sense.  Or maybe Ghostbusters meets Tara Normal.  Whatever it may be compared to it is one hell of a fine read.  It reads just like a feature film and I really hope it plays out in that notorious three act structure.  While this first issue is setting up the plot for the rest of this 6 issue miniseries I really can’t wait to see what surprises lay behind the next couple of issues.

For those interested in the comic you can check it out at: or the comic’s Facebook page.  When I went to check out the website I was very happy to see that issue 2 is coming to Kickstarter on May 29th so I may be back to cover the launch of the Kickstarter as well.  Until then?  If you look spooky supernatural ghost thrillers this book is going to be right up your alley.