My buddy Dan introduced me to Master of None last April when we binge-watched the show over a weekend.  I instantly fell in love with the show.  I think Aziz Ansari is a pretty decent comedian and I thought him good on Parks and Recreation.  But in Master of None?  He was…the master.

Now Season 2 has finally arrived and I binge-watched it immediately.  I had few problems with the season and thought it perhaps one of the finest seasons Netflix has ever put out ever.

Gripes?  I mean…there are only ten episodes.  Out of those ten there is a flashback episode where Dev (Ansari) and Denise (Lena Waithe) go through many different Thanksgivings, starting when they were kids, as Denise comes to grips with her sexuality.  There is another episode where Dev and his gang are barely in the episode as it features many different New Yorkers just going through their daily lives.

NOW BOTH OF THESE EPISODES WERE FUCKING EXCELLENT.  Especially the episode featuring the New Yorkers that included a doorman, a deaf clerk, and a taxi driver.  I almost felt like it really should be a backdoor pilot to a new Netflix show because that’s how invested I was in the characters.  Seriously…make this a show.

My problem with these two episodes is it takes from the main storyline.  Now ordinarily I wouldn’t care but as Ansari stated that he’s not too sure he’s going to do a Season Three until he has a long rest (or even if he does it at all) it really bums me out that there’s only a solid 8 episodes.  And then?  The last episode drops a bomb.  How can you end a series like that?!?!?!  HOW!?!??!!

The second season starts out with Dev in Italy learning how to make pasta after leaving New York following his devastating breakup with Rachel (Noël Wells).  He makes some Italian friends including the beautiful Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi).  He then returns to the States where he lands a choice gig hosting a cupcake show on the Food Network.  It isn’t real acting to Dev…not like being in movies.  But it is a steady gig and he starts getting noticed around New York.

Then it is back to what Dev does best which is eating food, hanging with his friends, and trying to find the girl for him.  In New York City it is quite easy to eat food, very easy to hang with friends, but not so easy finding the girl of your dreams.  There’s an entire episode dedicated to Dev on a dating app and multiple first dates that range from really good to really bad.  And as Francesca comes to visit in New York a few times Dev realizes that the girl of his dreams could be in front of him…except she has a boyfriend.

This is masterful storytelling.  There is so, so, so, so, so, so much good in this second season.  While I thought the first season was amazing, Season 2 simply blows it away.  It blows away Orange is the New Black, it blows away House of Cards, any of the Marvel shows….they all bow to Master of None.

The actors are phenom especially Eric Wareheim as Dev’s best friend Arnold.  The two are just amazing together and I love whenever they are on-screen.  Kelvin Yu’s Brian shows up a few times but he doesn’t get as much screentime as he did in Season 1 – which is a shame.  I’d say the same about Lena Waithe’s Denise except the Thanksgiving episode that centers on her and Dev is pretty outstanding (and has Angela Bassett playing Waithe’s mother.  What a GET that was!!!).  I love that Aziz’s real life parents play his parents on this show and his father once again steals the show.  I love that guy, man.

So my gripes are: too short of a season and the possibility of no season three.


If you have Netflix watch this show.  If you don’t have Netflix you should subscribe.  If you can’t afford to subscribe ask your friend if you can cheese off of his subscription so you can watch the show.  Trust me.  Aziz Ansari is amazing.  Alan Yang is amazing.  The cast is amazing.  The writing is amazing.  The direction is amazing.  Italy was amazing.

How am I going to get over being bummed that I went through Season 2 so quickly?  I’m going to watch Season 1 and 2 over again.  Because that’s how I roll.

(I do have a guest star spoiler that I’ll put under the Irish Rican graphic…)


DUDE – John Legend shows up on this, sits down at the piano, and sings Michael Jackson.  FUCKING BRILLIANT.  GO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!