Welcome back to the newest LET’S BADLY PLAY…Panzer Dragoon for the Sega Saturn. Having never even touched a Sega Saturn before this was a whole new experience for me. So after some early hardware errors (I couldn’t actually make my Saturn work until I figured out I need to replace an internal battery – CRAZINESS!) the Saturn was finally ready to go and after some home issues (cat MEOWING LOUDLY during gameplay, mom calling me to thank me for Mother’s Day flowers, wifey coming home screaming HELLLLLLLOOOOOO) I finally got to playing.

Short, short version? The game is pretty amazing. Great gameplay, good graphics, and a lot of fun. I didn’t make it too, too far but I think I played pretty decent for this being my first time.

Early in the video I call the Sony Playstation a Sega Playstation. Of course this was an error because…I’m an idiot. This is why I’m not an actor I guess…because everything that comes out of my mouth is verbal diarrhea. THOUGH you will all have to admit I was pretty spectacular in the film The King of Arcades. ADMIT IT! Of course I’m not Walter Day…but then again…who is!??!?!

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