Someone once mentioned to me that you can take surveys on your iPhone and get free stuff.

Free stuff for taking surveys?  SOLD!

So I downloaded SurveyMini onto my iPhone.  Right away I see something that directly appeals to me.  For 25,000 points you get a $25 gift card to AMC Theaters.

Free $25 to AMC!?!?!?  Superb!  AWESOME!  Incredible!  Sign my ass up right now!!!

So I started using the app.  The way the app works is you go somewhere, it recognizes that you went somewhere, and then you fill out a survey for the place that you went.  The survey is quite short which is very nice.

The thing is…the app moves slow.  It doesn’t always recognize where you go.  And if you go support Mom & Pop stores/restaurants over the big chains you won’t get a survey.  So if you go to Metro Restaurant around the corner you don’t get a survey but if you go to Applebees for some shitty food I’m sure you will get a survey.

It takes FOR-EV-ER…!!!

I tend to get them for the everyday places I go.  Quick Chek, Dunkin Donuts, gas stations.  It’s completely random and only show up every so often.  I’m not sure how they figure out when to launch the surveys but it isn’t often enough.

On the app I went to look to see how long I’ve been doing these surveys for but they don’t have (at least on the app) a start date.  It does tell me how many surveys I’ve completed thus far (77) and the points balance I currently have (9,800 points).

Nowhere near the 25,000 points I need for an AMC gift card.  I mean it isn’t like I’m at 2,000 points so I’m closeish.  But it isn’t like I’m at 22,000 points on the cusp of my gift card.  I check the app like crazy for new surveys to fill out to get me closer to my goal but mostly when I go to the app it tells me ‘No New Surveys Found.’

Sometimes the app won’t give you rewards points but special offers instead.  Sometimes it’ll give me free popcorn at AMC Theaters.  Which is fine.  Super.  I go to AMC Theaters so I can use my free popcorn there.  All you do is go to the theater, press the redeem button, go the concession stand, and get a free popcorn.  In theory.

The thing is when I went to use the coupon it didn’t work.  They couldn’t scan the barcode.  They typed the coupon in manually and it didn’t work.  They tried it over and over again.  Nada.  They ended up handing me a free popcorn anyway without even using the coupon because they were nice.  I e-mailed SurveyMini about it and they said they’d look into it.  But if they did look into it they never got back to me with what they found out.

Is the app bad?  Not at all.  I’m sure if I had more surveys more consistently I’d be super happy with it.  But at this rate by the time I get my 25,000 points I’ll be 87 years old.  I’m sure the Singularity will have happened and I’ll be doing the surveys in my brain.