I can’t believe that there were 5 Blues Brothers games across 4 different Nintendo consoles. It blows my mind.

Anyone who knows me knows how much of a fan I am of the Blues Brothers music and the film.  I’m pretty much a Belushi fanatic.  Always have been.  The man is a true legend.  When I was a teen I remember having a sealed Blues Brothers vinyl hanging on my wall along a Blues Brothers poster AND a copy of Marvel Team-Up where Spider-Man teamed up with Belushi and the other cast members of SNL.  That was actually a thing.

While I’m a monster fan of The Blues Brothers I’ve never played the games. I imagined they’d be pretty crappy. I imagined right.

So this latest LET’S BADLY PLAY… tackles 4 of the games which includes The Blues Brothers Gameboy, NES, and SNES selection – plus the Jukebox Adventure for the Gameboy. Not included is the Blues Brothers 2000 for the N64. Maybe I’ll get to playing that one someday.

As for gameplay these games play pretty crappy and with me at the controls it only gets more crappier from there. How bad did I do? Please join me and find out!