I’ve been waiting pretty impatiently for the arrival of Alpha Rabbit’s new 4 song EP.  If you haven’t heard of Alpha Rabbit it is no problem – I’ll clue you on on who they are and what you are missing first.

Alpha Rabbit is the side project of Joseph “Dim” Wolstenholme – the lead guitarist from Honah Lee (who I think personally is the best punk/rock/pop band since The Descendents).  I can’t really put my finger on why I was so excited about Dim starting a side project.  Usually that means that Honah Lee isn’t out there prepping new stuff.  But it didn’t matter to me.  I was just excited to hear that this side project came to fruition.  It’s not just a side project for Dim but Jaime Parker from Meeko Brando as well.  They are joined by Jake Foy who plays…

Well here’s the kicker.  This group isn’t just Dim on guitar, Jaime on bass, and Jake on drums.  It’s actually why it is more fun to see them live and not just listen to their CD.  Because the group actually switches instruments while they perform.  Not just in-between songs but DURING SONGS.  It’s a quite novel idea and as it is something the band is actually able to pull off, do it well, AND not affect how the song sounds then it is a pretty sweet idea.

Everyone in the group sings.  I’m a monster fan of bands that have female and male singers together in one group.  I just like the contrast and harmonies that can come from it and never understand why it doesn’t happen more often.  As for Alpha Rabbit’s sound?  Kind of catchy pop punk with some kickass guitar solos.  It’s fun – it is exactly what I want to listen to while I’m riding around in the car.  Kickass catchy music that you want to sing along to.

The harmonies don’t scream out on this 4 song EP but it does give each member of Alpha Rabbit a chance to actually be the lead vocalist on their own song.  Three members, four songs, who gets to sing the extra song? No one it seems.  The fourth track Winter In Trenton is actually (mostly) an instrumental.  The damn thing is I think it may be the best song on the album.  The song definitely has a Christmas feel to it which is…weird for an EP coming out in April.  Yes I realize that they didn’t record the song last week and press these CDs – they were in the studio long beforehand.  The song just has a Christmas feel – but I bet you if you got in the car, put this song on repeat, and just went from house to house enjoying Christmas lights this song would just brighten your entire night experience.  Driving around in the car in April listening to this song made me smile.

The EP starts with a song titled Damage sung by Jaime Parker.  It’s a decent enough song and I love Parker’s voice.  The song feels slightly off because there is this overdubbing of Parker’s voice over her own voice – but it is almost like the second voice is an inner monologue voice speaking aloud while Parker is singing her own song.  I’m not quite sure what the band tried actually “works” – and it is not that the song is bad.  None of these songs are bad.  They are damn catchy.  But I think this overdubbing hinders the track rather than helps it.

As for Dim and Jake they each get their own song with Dim headlining the track Tonite and Jake belting out Fool Deeds.  They are both very capable singers.  I think the thing that works for these tracks (not just these two but all of the songs) is that the tunes are damn catchy.  Tonite rocks – it sounds like the type of song that should be on a soundtrack.  Out of all the songs I swear that I’ve almost heard this song before.  It feels so familiar.  So yeah I think Tonite is one hell of a song.

I think this is a great debut for the fledgling band and I hope that Alpha Rabbit isn’t just a side project but rather just another band that everyone plays in.  I’d love to hear a full length release and while there are rumors that is happening I’ll just have to wait and see.  Impatiently I may add.

You can check the band out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/alpharabbitmusic while you can listen to the entire album on Bandcamp here: https://alphaalpharabbit.bandcamp.com.  You can buy the digital album there as well but I’m not sure where you can snag a CD other than going to a show.  But if you dig them you should check them out live in person anyway.


Here’s the band live though it doesn’t look like they switch around instruments in this version of Tonite.  Still…they kickass.