Trespasser TPB

Written by: Justin M. Ryan

Art by: Kristian Rossi

Published by: Alterna Comics

I had covered Trespasser’s Kickstarter about two months or so ago and was very happy to see the project reach its goal.  Trespasser was a digital comic put out by Alterna Comics that will now be collected as a trade paperback.  After reading the four issue collection I am damn happy that Trespasser will be the next amazing Alterna book (I heart Alterna – they truly put out quality work).

Trespasser is about a man named Hector raising his daughter Maria out in the wilderness.  It’s a post-apocalyptic world but it seems very safe where Hector and Maria call home.  It’s out in the middle of nowhere where the animals don’t seem to affected by the radiation.  It’s a quiet life but one that seems okay to the duo.

That is until a bear trap catches something…and it isn’t a bear.  Hector actually captures himself an alien – a little gray man from outer space.  What is the alien doing out in the middle of the woods?  What does he want?  Was he spying on Hector and Maria?  The big problem is the alien is hurt (BEAR TRAP!) and doesn’t speak English.  So what does Hector do?  He frees the alien and brings him home with him.  Like he’s a little lost puppy or something.  Hector seems to be a good guy and even though he can’t understand the alien he does know that the alien is hurt.  So he helps nurse him back to health.

So now Hector and Maria, trying to fend off things like radiation sickness, are out in the middle of the woods.  With an alien.  Who doesn’t speak.

What’s the problem?  There’s a couple things but the big one is, of course, what does this alien want?  Is he by himself?  Will others be looking for them?  What will they do when they find him?

I thought the concept of this book was quite interesting and in giving it a read-through I found it to be very well done in both writing and art.  It’s The Stand meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  It’s a well done concept that really has something for everyone from fans of The Walking Dead to those who enjoy the works of Whitley Strieber.  I do imagine that once this planet is nuked to shreds (read: eight months from now) all the higher life forms of the vast cosmos will take a ride over to Earth to see what is left.  I’m sure that’s what the aliens are doing in this story.  What the hell is wrong with these people and why are they just savage assholes?

If I have any problem with the book is that I would love to see more of the world and have had the world fleshed out even more.  I had many questions left unanswered.  The book does have a nice epilogue to it but my questions once again were left unanswered.  So my gripe is I was left wanting more.  If that’s my only thing to gripe about then I consider that pretty amazing.

Writer Justin M. Ryan did a great job bringing this spooky story to life and he is damn lucky to have Kristian Rossi along providing the artwork.  I love Rossi’s art on Trespasser and I really think he captures the solitary life quite well.  It’s not just his artwork on the book’s characters but the entire look of the book.  Overall this book is one fantastic series.

You can currently pick up Trespasser on ComiXology for $7.00 which is a damn good deal for the series.  As for the trade paperback it should be available by late Summer 2017 so if you are one of those people (like myself) who enjoys holding an actual book and not an iPad you’ll be able to enjoy it in that format shortly.