Well this trailer gives us just a taste of what to come but it is great to see Luke training Rey and then Luke saying……”Time for the Jedi to end.”

WTF?  Out of the ashes comes something new?  Is Luke going toward the dark side?

Really this gives us just glimpses of what’s to come which is what we’ve all come to expect from a Star Wars teaser trailer.

Really I was hoping by now we would have had…more.  Usually Star Wars teasers come in out around a year before but because of Rogue One they pushed it back.  So they pushed it back six months and gave us a morsel.

It’s a hell of a morsel mind you but still just a tiny taste.

Rey training with a lightsaber.  Cool.

Finn in a pod.  Probably healing.  Rest up Finn.

Poe’s ship getting blown up.  Poor guy.  And BB-8.  Good to see you.

Kylo Ren still looks quite emo.

And no straight on shots of Luke.  COCK TEASERS!!!!!!!!!!!

This teaser was much better than Force Awakens teaser IMO.  Hopefully the film delivers and is not a disappointment like Force Awakens was.  With Rian Johnson at the helm I certainly hope so.

“Time for the Jedi to end.”

WTF MAN!!?!?!??!?!?  WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!?!?!