I had never heard of Gutterballs prior to watching the film Sodomaniac (you can check out my review of that awesome film by clicking right here).  In reading some of Sodomaniac’s reviews several had mentioned that the film had a very similar feel to Gutterballs – which had come out some seven years prior.  I said to myself that because of my love for Sodomaniac I should check out Gutterballs some day.

When I finally did watch Gutterballs I did get a feel that it had a similar aesthetic.  The two had in common a bunch of dicks who wind up in a central location and find themselves hunted by a masked killer.  While Sodomaniac is a film that is certainly not for the squeamish I found Gutterballs to be even more vile and perverse then that film.
Gutterballs takes place at a bowling alley where three groups of young adults like to hang out.  I guess when you are 21 and live in podunk Canada you go to the bowling alley, drink beers, fuck, and bowl.   I won’t bother with character names because they are all just basic names like Steve, Sarah, Joey, and Lisa.    But the three groups include jocky douchebags, a group of girls including a pre-op transsexual, and a group of cooler guys led by a token black guy.
The group of girls has a girl who is super hot and doesn’t wear panties under her very short skirt.  How do we know this?  Because Hottie Nopanties bends over to bowl and the guys all drool as we see her lips.  And I’m not talking the ones on her face.  The douchebags bully the shit out of the transsexual which leads Token Black to get in a fight with head douche Joey McDouche.  The two brawl which leads to an all out brawl at the otherwise empty bowling alley.  Typical Redneck Bowling Alley Owner comes over and breaks things up.  Everyone gets kicked out of the bowling alley for the night.

Hottie Nopanties forgets her purse so she goes back into the alley to find it.  Not finding it where they were seated, Hottie goes upstairs to the arcade to find her purse.  There she is instantly accosted by Joey McDouche and his friends Rapey, Hyena Laughing Dickhead, and a guy I’ll just call Angry Video Game Nerd because he pretty much looks like James Rolfe.  Joey, Rapey, and Hyena decide they are going to rape the shit out of Hottie and the next ten minutes is pretty much them raping the shit out of her.  Redneck Alley Owner has headphones on and can’t hear her screams.  I’m guessing Hottie drove herself to the alley because none of her friends come back to look for her.
Basically the three guys just rape the poor girl for 10 minutes straight.  Finally Angry Video Game Nerd tries to stop it but Joey McDouche pretty much says rape her or I’m going to beat the shit out of you.  Not willing to stand up for himself AVGN shoves a bowling pin up Hottie’s cooch.  It is pretty much a horrible scene that really emphasizes how horrible these horrible boys truly are.  To illustrate just how horrible it is when I say it is a ten minute rape scene it is pretty much a TEN MINUTE RAPE SCENE.  That poor actress…
The next night all three groups reconvene at the bowling alley.  This includes Hottie Nopanties though she is wearing sunglasses (probably so people can’t see her black eyes) and not really talking to anyone.  Joey McDouche is in a cast and crutches thanks to his fight with Token Black but he is still pretty much a total asshole.  The groups form teams and……………………..then they bowl.  Like nothing ever happened.  The douchebags who raped the girl show ZERO remorse, sans one.  Angry Video Game Nerd goes to Hottie and tries to apologies for his actions.  She doesn’t care and isn’t having any of it.
The teams begin to bowl and, suddenly, people start disappearing.  At the same time, up on the scoreboard, the initials BBK appear.  Who is BBK?  No one knows.  But instead of a score BBK keeps getting skull and crossbones appear in his frames.  Everyone is puzzled except for those who are actually running into BBK AKA The Bowling Bag Killer.
Why is he called The Bowling Bag Killer?  Because the dude (or chick) who is out killing off these people one by one wears a bowling ball bag over his head.  How does he see out of it?  No clue.  But does it stop him from killing off these people?  Not at all.
You would think that the killer is Hottie Nopanties because she was the one who got raped and would want revenge on her rapists.  You would think.  But BBK isn’t just killing the rapists.  He is killing EVERYONE.  People who did nothing to Hottie.  As a matter of fact Hottie’s friends are getting killed off one-by-one as well.  Thing is these young adults are too busy getting drunk and getting laid in the bowling alley to notice that their numbers keep dwindling.  It’s a horror film so there’s plenty of boobs, plenty of fun sexy-time, and plenty of utter daftness.
There is a shit ton of gore and the movie is really fucking violent.  I’m not a big spoiler guy but I do want to point out an example.  At one point the transsexual goes to the bathroom and is accosted by BBK.  Thus far in the film when you meet her she is a lovely gal who likes her friends and nearly got the crap beat out of her by the douchebags in the beginning of the film.  She did nothing wrong.  Nothing.  So when BBK comes up to kill her you are really like WTF?!??!  I won’t describe the death scene (it is vicious) but after BBK kills her he takes out her penis and slices it in half…to make a vagina.  This isn’t described.  This is actually shown right up there on the big screen.  It is fucking gross.  Unneeded.  And totally there just to make you squirm.  As it is totally there just to make you squirm it is quite effective.  GROSS…but effective.
People get their assholes raped with bowling pins.  People get their faces completely waxed off.  And in typical horror fashion you can never figure out who the killer is.  And once he/she is revealed you are sorta left thinking, “WTF!??!?!”  The film isn’t for the squeamish by any means.  I’m not sure who they got to do the FX on this thing but they are fantastic.  These deaths are brutal and it looks damn good on screen for such a low budget Canadian horror film.  I’ll give it to director Ryan Nicholson – he made one hell of a horror film.  And I always like a man who can write a screenplay with 7,291 uses of the word fuck.  That may be a slight exaggeration…but they do say FUCK a lot in this movie.
Since there are those who compared Sodomaniac to Gutterballs I will say that there are similarities but at the end of the day the killer in Sodomaniac had more of a purpose (not that it really matters in a horror movie).  I was going to say that Sodomaniac’s bros had one guy who the audience felt bad for which helps in a movie where you feel that the killer is almost your protagonist since the main characters are mainly antagonists.  You slightly have that in Gutterballs with the Angry Video Game Nerd…but he only seems to hold himself accountable for his actions after he acted like a douche.
Honestly I can recommend both films and they would actually make one hell of a double feature.  Gutterballs did have a sequel titled Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep but I’m not sure how it stacks up to the original.  Once I find a copy I will let everyone know my thoughts.