The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe #1

Written by: Dwight MacPherson

Art by: Luis Czerniawski and Andrea Messi

Published by: Hocus Pocus Comics

The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe brings us Dwight MacPherson’s epic adventure remade for 2017.  The book looks and reads more spectacular than ever before and I am so happy that the book is back drawing new breath after all these years.

Poe is a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.  When Poe is suddenly forced down his own “rabbit hole” he finds himself in a strange world he really doesn’t understand.  With no clue of where he is or even how got there Poe meets a talking rat named Irving who tells Poe he must follow him.

Unlike Alice, Poe doesn’t have a chance to stand around gaping at the scenery.  There are no bottles saying drink me or biscuits saying eat me.  There’s no chance for Poe to get his bearings.  Rather Poe and Irving are immediately on the run from sinister forces who would love to get their grimy hands all over Poe.

Poe is able to get away and finally, in a quiet moment, gets to know his travel companion.  He learns that the creatures chasing him work for the Nightmare King and it seems that poor Poe has no chance of getting away.

With no chance of returning to his home any time soon Poe needs to start thinking about how to defend himself and how to fight creatures far different than the ones back on Earth.  In doing so Poe finds the strength he never knew he had.  And we get to see where Edgar Allan Poe may have found the inspiration for his darkest stories.

It has been years since I’ve read MacPherson’s Poe as the title once saw life as a webcomic then a release from Image Comics.  I raved about the book then – once calling it “Indy Trade of the Month” and saying, “Edgar Allan Poo is a sort of fairytale of old that is simply put to visual form. It’s a book that draws in any comic reader from page one, yet it is something you could read to your kids as a bedtime story.”  My articles about the book were published at Newsarama and in comic stores everywhere in Comic Shop News.  I simply loved the book with its amazing story and art.

And now?  Now the story has been updated with all new artwork by Luis Czerniawski.  As much as I was loved the art by Poe’s original artist Thomas Boatwright, I am astonished by Czerniawski’s art.  He has brought this book to life in the most spectacular fashion and as Poe fights monsters, creatures, and Gods it is Czerniawski who helps bring MacPherson’s words to life.

Did this book need a complete overhaul?  I find the original work pretty great but also unfinished.  It seems that now MacPherson will not only get to finish his masterpiece but use his years of experience to make the book bigger and better.  The final result?  This first issue of Poe blows me away.  It makes this tale feel new and exciting.  I can’t wait to follow Poe as he makes his way through the world of Terra Somnium and cannot wait to finally reach Poe’s conclusion at the end of the twelfth issue.  Luckily there’s eleven more issues that will take me on this adventure.