If you know your rap history – especially mid 90’s East Coast rap – then you know all about Scott Lark and his debut album Razzle Dazzle.  The album has been out of print for many years (though you can always pick it and his second album Hellabent on iTunes) but the CD is being rereleased in a new limited edition from Cha-Ching Records.

Produced by Trenton’s Tony D (who produced many groups including Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, and Shawn Luv – while also releasing his own solo jams and Profile’s unsung classic Crusaders for Real Hip Hop album), Scott’s 1996 debut showed off his amazing flow and great lyrics that helped him become one of Trenton’s premiere rappers.

This rerelease actually removes the radio versions that were on the LP as well as the instrumental and acapella versions of the song Razzle Dazzle while bringing back two unreleased songs and a new remix of the song Insight.  It makes the album much tighter while giving a classic album almost a facelift.

While the original album is a bit of a rarity it seems that this rerelease of Razzle Dazzle is even rarer with just 100 copies being produced.

I love seeing Trenton’s classic hip hop brought back to the forefront and this album release, no matter how limited, is truly worth celebrating.  You can check out the album and buy it by clicking here.

My boy PQuest posted the above shots from 8 Mile just the other day which actually shows off a Scott Lark sticker hanging with Mekhi Phifer and Eminem.  Too damn sweet.

PQuest also had a limited Scott Lark t-shirt going on as well so I might as well promote that bad boy too…

You can buy the t-shirt by clicking on PQuest’s website right here…

I find it fascinating that there appears to be a Scott Lark renaissance happening after all these years.  I copped a copy of Scott Lark’s never released Prince Merk album (AKA the PMU album) and I couldn’t believe how amazing it was…and couldn’t believe that it never got released.  Maybe with rereleases and t-shirts we can get finally see the Prince Merk album get a real release…and maybe some new music from Scott Lark as well.