Gigi Rowe has been making some of the best dance music I’ve heard in recent years.  Her EP Hello Gigi Rowe, with the infectious song Run The Night, was one of my favorites of 2016.  Just recently she released another great dance track called 24/7 Dreamers that really made my butt move in the seat.

So I’ve been sitting around waiting for the next great Gigi Rowe dance song or maybe word of a full length album.  There’s been nothing of a full length album but the next Gigi Rowe song has finally dropped.  But it was quite surprising.

Gigi’s new song Cover Me Up isn’t a song that will get you on the dance floor.  Rather it is a very minimal, powerful song that basically features a piano and Gigi’s amazing voice.

It’s a good move for Gigi as she can show off more than just one side to her music.  Not that there is anything wrong with music that will make you shake your butt.  But Cover Me Up is just hypnotic and shows how multifaceted Gigi Rowe can be.

Click right here to go over to Soundcloud and listen to Cover Me Up.