Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart, the minds behind the ThanksKilling films, joined the R2HT gang live on Gashouse Radio back on December 4, 2012 to talk about their amazing killer turkey franchise.


Jordan and Kevin were on with Ryan, Jeff, Samantha, and Tom to talk all of the behind-the-scenes goodness while making ThanksKilling 3.  The R2HT gang revealed to the guys that the R2HT name came directly from ThanksKilling 3 (as Ryan “played” Rimjob Rick in ThanksKilling 3 and the name of the radio show became Rimjob Rick and the Hollywood Tans – or R2HT for short).


How did a cult movie about a killer turkey killing college kids become a full-fledged puppet film for its amazing sequel?  Jordan and Kevin talk at length about the writing of the film, how it turned into a puppet film, and their influences.  Would Jordan and Kevin sell Turkie to Disney?  Was Ryan’s voice performance as Rimjob Rick up to snuff for the guys?  What is the future for the ThanksKilling franchise?  Those answers and more are all answered in this amazing uncensored interview with two amazing filmmakers.


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