Elevator #1

Written by: Dwight MacPherson

Art by: Randy Valiente

Published by: Hocus Pocus Comics


I have no clue how to review this comic.  Not one.  I’m sure there’s some asshole out there who reads a comic and then reviews the shit out of it by spoiling every single detail.  I’m (usually) not that guy unless the plot pisses me off so much I just want to rip it to shreds (and even then…I still hate spoiling).  So what do I say about a book that is full of surprises?

I guess the basics.  The book is actually the first book to launch from Dwight MacPherson’s Hocus Pocus Comics.  I’ve covered the new company a number of times here because, well, I enjoy Dwight’s writing.  Always have.  Probably always will.  So I’ll probably keep reviewing his stuff because …I enjoy reading it.

The basics:  Two brothers return to a hotel that was family operated and that they grew up in.  It seems some bad things happened here and the one brother is trying to see if returning to the hotel jogs the other brothers memories – as the younger brother basically has zero recollection.  They are joined by two friends because, I don’t know, plot reasons.  Actually I know why they are there but again…I don’t want to spoil anything yet.

Anyway the hotel is like super old and there’s a butler-manservant who runs the place.  He is receptive that the boys are there because now that their family is dead…the hotel goes to them.  Lucky them.  They now own a hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Of course the butler guy is totally off-putting because he comes off like a giant creeper.  The lads just want to get in, jog the memories, get out, go to the real estate guy, sell it for a couple mil, and live like phat katz.  That sounds like a hell of a plan to me.  But creepers gunna creep and Jeeves here is a total creeper.

The book is called Elevator and the butler talks about …. the elevator.  It’s integral to the plot – again I won’t explain why.  But they also explain that this hotel is ANCIENT.  Like 18th century ancient.  I almost thought to myself, “Ah that’s some bullshit right there!  Why would there be a place for an elevator in some old ass hotel from 1776 or whatever!??!”  But then I remembered going to the Olde Pink House in Savannah, GA – that place was ancient as well (the restaurant is in the oldest mansion in the city) and, yes, it had an elevator.  So I don’t call bullshit.  It is what it is.

Then the book just goes off the deep end.  Maybe I should have guessed from Randy Valiente’s creepy greyscale artwork that this would be a horror book.  Maybe if I looked at the cover for longer than two seconds I would have realized it was a horror book.  I can’t help not being able to pick up on things.  But when this book kicks in, it kicks into high gear.  You are thrust into an uncontrollable situation with no way out.  Elevator draws you right in.

Basically it’s “You’re Fucked: The Comic Book.”

In the beginning I had no clue where the book was going so I was pretty much loving it by the time I got to the end of the book.  I certainly wanted more right away which is always the great sign you are reading a good comic.

While it isn’t the book I thought would come out from Hocus Pocus Comics first (I’m eagerly awaiting the Edgar Allan Poe reboot) I am quite happy that this book is out and makes a good impact.  It’s definitely a comic worth checking out.