Writer/Director Sebastian Gutierrez joined the R2HT cast LIVE on Gashouse Radio on January 8, 2013 for one hell of an interview about Sebastian’s films.

Jeff Stewart, Samantha Slyter, and I were joined by Gashouse’s Jim “Krantz” Haas to talk to Sebastian who was just releasing his latest film Hotel Noir (which had an amazing cast that included Carla Gugino, Danny DeVito, Malin Akerman, Robert Forster, Mandy Moore, and Rosario Dawson).  Sebastian talked about how the film came together and talks on how he lands such big name talent on his films.  He also discusses his amazing films Women in Trouble and Elektra Luxx (I may have also volunteered to work craft service/gopher on a third Women in Ecstasy film – as that film has yet to come about that offer still stands by the way.  I can make a mean cup of coffee).

Gutierrez also talks about his experiences in rewriting one of the most infamous films of the 2000s: SNAKES ON A PLANE.

For anyone who loves screenwriting, film making, and independent films then this 45 minute uncensored interview is for you.  If you are an independent filmmaker who is wondering how someone gets such big names in a little independent film then this interview is REALLY for you.  And if you are wondering which is the best Pauly Shore movie of all time…you get that answer as well.


Phife Dawg


Richie Knucklez (ft. Billy Mitchell) Part 1

Richie Knucklez (ft. Walter Day) Part 2

Archer creator Adam Reed