I am a huge fan of AMC Theater’s AMC Stubs program.  I love the discounts, I love the upgrades, and I love that they have a separate line for AMC Stubs Premiere members that you can skip the general admission line (though this seems to work a little more than 50% of the time – I outline my thoughts on that problem here).  While I’m not always thrilled about the staffing at my local theater (I’m not sure what I expect when you hire a bunch of 18 year olds – though my first job at 18 taught me a great deal about customer service) I can say that the theater is usually clean while the picture and sound are perfect.  There are other non AMC Theaters close to me but I prefer going to the local AMC.  It’s a nice environment and, again, I like the AMC Stubs card.

Late last year I cancelled my MoviePass subscription.  If you never heard of MoviePass it was a great service that you paid X amount of dollars (in my case $30) and you could see a movie a day.  So a couple times a week I’d head over to AMC and use my MoviePass to see all sorts of films.  I’d also buy some concessions so it was a win/win for the theater (since most of a theater’s money is to be made on that $136 large popcorn and $86 water).  When MoviePass got a new CEO he decided to make a bunch of changes and some of those changes went into effect right around the time I had MoviePass for 3 months.  Their decision?  To raise the cost on their own clientele.  Quickly.  With no warning.  After having the MoviePass for 3 months they raised my cost by 50%.  Some people they raised 75%.  Or 100%.  It was mind boggling that they would gouge their own customers.  But it is what it is.  I cancelled my card even though it still irritates me to this day.  You can read my long thoughts on MoviePass by clicking right here.

While at the AMC Theater the other day I thought about something that I wrote during my long MoviePass gripe.  I’ll quickly explain how the AMC Stubs card works.  If you have the free AMC Stubs card you get points every time you go to the theater.  After you collect enough points you can turn them into $$$ you can spend at your local theater.  They offer discounts as well.  When you pay the $15 for the Premiere card you collect those points a hell of a lot quicker.  You get better discounts.  You can skip the line (again – when they actually let you).  It is a pretty great deal.

But my mind wandered back to what I thought would be a great option for AMC Stubs.  That would be an AMC Stubs Deluxe card.  What would a Deluxe card do?  Basically I thought it would be some sort of MoviePass hybrid.  I’ll be the first to admit that having a card that can let you see a movie a day can be expensive and not cost effective.  Let’s give a roundabout $ amount for a movie ticket like $10 (though usually movies after 12PM can average around $12).  If you used the card every single day you are looking at about a $300 value for something that I would have paid $45 bucks for.  It’s not bad…except if you read that MoviePass rant you see that when you use it every day they raise the prices on you, cancel you, or limit the amount of tickets you can get so you can’t actually go.

It’s not a perfect product but I didn’t invent it.  Here’s what I am saying though…

Come up with an AMC Stubs Deluxe card that allows you to see 2 movies a week.  3 movies a week.  Whatever.  I have no problem with a cap on the product.  I really don’t.  But if you have a $30 Deluxe card where I can go to the movies 2-3 times a week, I’d be happy.  Offer even better deals for the concession stand so when you go use your Deluxe card you would almost be stupid not to go get a popcorn that is $3 off EVERY TIME YOU GO.

For something like this it is all about the profitability.  You want to get the butts in the seats.  Once there people are hungry.  They want their popcorn, soda, and Junior Mints.  They sit down and see all the trailers for the flicks that are coming out.  Hey that looks good!  So does that!  And then you get people coming more and more to your theaters.  They are spending more money.  It is better than paying your people to sit around bored on a Wednesday afternoon (don’t think the staff is bored?  Trust me…they are usually just talking to each other or playing on their cell phones).

MoviePass killed their chance for me to ever go back and use their product.  But I love AMC Theaters and I really think that they could offer some sort of similar product that would want me to go back to the theater over and over again.

So if you are reading this AMC – do yourselves a favor.  Talk about it.  Think it over.  Things like MoviePass exist.  Sean Parker’s Screening Room can be right around the corner where people can watch brand new movies without ever having to leave their homes.  Time to adapt – and I say AMC Stubs Deluxe is where you should go.

You create it and let me know.  I’ll be the very first one to sign up.

Feel free to contact us AMC – we would love to talk more and give you tons of feedback (mostly great…maybe a tiny bit bad: official2guys1review@gmail.com.