We covered the launch of Dwight MacPherson’s Hocus Pocus Comics here – which talked about the plethora of upcoming titles including the relaunch of his most famous book Edgar Allan Poo – now branded The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe.

The article touched on an all-new prequel to Imaginary Voyages titled Terra Somnium that would release weekly on Webtoons.com.  That day is finally here and Terra Somnium has launched today with a bunch of brand new pages – click here to go check it out.

I like that the comic launched with several pages at once so you don’t have to read just one page and then wait to read the second page next week.  Pretty damn sweet.  Two – I like that it is free.  Free is always good.  And, yes, I’m sure the plan here is to get all you readers hooked so when Imaginary Voyages launches you will be there to read.