About a year or so ago I got super nostalgic and walked into a liquor store to look for a 6 pack of Zima.  As a youth (who may not have been of legal age…) I was not much of a beer fan.  So I used to drink such wonderful 90’s drinks as MD 20/20, Boone’s Farm, and Zima.  Zima’s were more fun – they didn’t taste that great but you could buy Jolly Ranchers, place one or two inside the bottle, wait for a couple minutes, and suddenly you would have Watermelon Zima!  Grape Zima!  It was ingenious.

I walked into the liquor store and asked a very young gentleman who worked there where I could find the Zima.  He looked at me like a had a hole in the head and told me he had never heard of it.  I finally found someone at the liquor store who was just a tad older and told me Zima had long be discontinued.  Sad face.  I thought to myself in the world of Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and Not Your Father’s Root Beer, Zima was probably an ancient relic from a far off time and place.  Like Ecto Cooler, the McDLT, or French Toast Crunch.

Last year saw the return of Ecto Cooler (JOY!) and then the announcement has come that Zima…is making a comeback…??!??!?!?

“If you’re one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima, the answer should be clear,” MillerCoors said in a statement.

It seems that Zima hasn’t totally been discontinued and that the drink is still produced in Japan.  As such I totally see some kid playing Playstation 4 and drinking Zima.  I now proclaim Zima the drink of Japanese gamers everywhere! (citation can not be found).

I was excited!  Of course I’ll probably buy a 6 pack of Zima and be totally bored with it again.  While I didn’t like beer many moons ago there is nothing better than a nice cold beer (preferably River Horse’s Oatmeal Milk Stout).

What I was surprised about was the Jolly Rancher thing.  We thought of doing it back in the day and when we popped Jolly Ranchers into Zima we were surprised by the results.  It totally worked and made the Zima flavored.  But reading on the Internet and Twitter after the announcement it seems that EVERYONE used to put Jolly Ranchers in the Zima.  ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.

Did we in New Jersey start some sort of fad?  Doubtful.  But when we drank Zima back 1993-1995 the Internet was in its infancy.  People were not surfing the web talking about how they put Jolly Ranchers into Zimas.  So I really wonder how that became a thing.  Because no one told us.  We were sitting around one day when we thought, “I wonder if a Jolly Rancher would fit in the bottle?  I wonder if it would make it taste like a Jolly Rancher?”

The relaunch of Zima is coming sometime this year.  Now I have to start looking around to see who actually still sells Jolly Ranchers.  I’m also wondering what an Ecto Cooler Zima might taste like.  Because why not?  Let’s bring the 90’s back with a bang.

If Sega announces a new console at this point I would not be surprised in the least…