So you got into retro gaming and said, “Wow, I can’t wait to play all these amazing games from my youth!”

Then you went to eBay, a local game store, or a gaming convention and said, “Holy shit!  This crap is friggin expensive!”

Now that everyone and their grandmother is into retro games you are usually going to spend a pretty penny buying those classic games.  Contra?  30 bucks.  Mega Man 2?  30 bucks.  How about Donkey Kong? 20 bucks.  WAIT – they made 300 million copies of Super Mario Bros. 3!  How much does that go for?  Let’s ballpark that bad boy at $25.

There’s a couple ways to retrogame.  You can buy the old systems (or the clone systems), buy the old games, and you can play!  If you are slightly computer savvy you can download emulators of old systems and illegally download ROMs.  You play for free on your computer and…it is totally illegal (There is something where if you own a copy of the game it may be legal to have the ROM or some stupid crap but I don’t know….).

Then there are multicarts.  I don’t know where to put the multicart.  You are buying something that looks like a NES cartridge (mine here is red so not exactly like the old gray) and fits right into your system.  You load this bad boy up and there are 150 original games on here.  No repeats.  No problems with the games.  These are the actual games you played as a kid right at your finger tips.

I’m going to guess that these things are totally not ‘legal’.  Nintendo is notorious for protecting their games and copyrights so there is no way there are letting whatever bootleg company produces these (I have no clue who makes it.  You can find it on eBay.  You can find it at gaming shows.  I found mine on Etsy) that it is totally okay to have THEIR games on this cart.  What games?  On here are the 3 Donkey Kong games, the 3 Super Mario Bros games, Mario Bros, Kirby’s Adventure, Excitebike, Wild Gunman, Hogan’s Alley, and Duck Hunt.

This cart reminds me of those bootleg systems I used to see at the mall.  Buy the bootleg system and it included like 5000 NES games.  There are no 5000 NES games most were just variations of other games but it was still cool to see some cheap bootleg system you could play NES games years after the NES was gone.

I didn’t buy that system.  I did buy this cart.

What’s the difference between buying a multicart and download ROMs?  Stealing is illegal.  Buying something makes it feel like it is more legal I guess.  But drugs are illegal.  And if you buy drugs that still makes it illegal.  I don’t know – it is a bad analogy.  I JUST WANT TO PLAY GAMES, DAMNIT!

There was a huge reason for me to buy this cart titled ‘Super Games 150 in 1’ and that was the amount of rare games that are here.  Games like Little Samson, Snow Bros, Panic Restaurant, Power Blade 2, and The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak are on this cart.  Want to OWN these games?  These four alone will probably cost you 3 thousand dollars.  It’s crazy that these games go for some much (and perhaps that is going a bit high – but I wouldn’t be surprised.  Sometimes a copy of Little Samson alone goes for HUGE bucks).

So what’s your choice here?  Games like Dinosaur Peak and Little Samson are so in-demand because they are not only rare but are actually good, fun games to play.  As I don’t have a couple grand lying around (if you do and are willing to share just write me, I’d be happy for you to Paypal it over to me) I’m going to either download the ROMs (which I’m not going to do) or I’m buying this collection (which I did).

I have to say that Little Samson alone makes this collection outstanding.  The game is truly one of the best games created for the system and I can see why players want to seek it out to play it.  The graphics, controls, and gameplay were outstanding.  As it came out near the end of the NES they really knew what they were doing and made the most of the hardware.

What else does this collection have?  All the Contras, all the Mega Man games (called Rockman here because it is the Japanese version – don’t worry – same games), all the Ninja Gaidens, all the Double Dragons, all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and so much more.  Dig Dug?  Here.  Gradius?  Here!  Those awesome Capcom Chip and Dale games?  HERE!

I was super excited to see a game like New Ghostbusters II on this collection.  The game was never released here in the US and the Ghostbusters games we did get on the NES SUCKED (I’m not a big fan of the Genesis game either but it was at least better than the NES version).  But this version released in Europe was just amazing.  How does a PAL game play on a NTSC cart?  It plays with no problem whatsoever.  I’m sure as it is taken from some sort of ROM you don’t have to worry about the conversion.

There’s a few more games only released in Europe or Japan.  There’s a few rare games I didn’t mention.  There was a bunch of games I was puzzled about why they included it (Bayou Billy?  That game blew!) . The great thing?  There was a bunch of games I’ve never played before that were just outstanding.  Bucky O’Hare was a huge standout to me.  So was Mighty Final Fight – a cutesy beat-em-up using the Final Fight characters.  With 150 games there is something for everyone.

I play this on my RetroDuo and it plays great.  The only reason I would bust out my NES would be to be able to use the Zapper to play shooting games like Hogan’s Alley.  However since I don’t have an old school television the Zapper wouldn’t work anyway.  So I’ll leave the old NES on the shelf.

Ultimately is this is a great buy?  If you have an old NES lying around (or a new clone system) then absolutely.  Once again it comes down to the price tag.  I bought this bad boy from Etsy for $30 plus free shipping.  I had it within four days.  For all of the games on here you just can’t beat it.  You can’t.  It’s one thing if you want to collect each and every NES game every produced for your collection.  It’s another if you just want to play and experience all of these games on your television without downloading 150 ROMs.

Interested in buying this?  I’m not going to post a link but you can find it on eBay, Etsy, and – surprisingly – most gaming shows.  I’m sure you’ve played Contra, Mega Man 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3, but if you have been wondering what you missed with Panic Restaurant, Little Samson, the Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak here is your chance without blowing out your 401K.