Just weeks after releasing a free sampler of some of her music Jetty Rae is back with her newest album Can’t Curse The Free.

How to describe Jetty Rae?  She’s an indie rock goddess with a capacity to write songs that cause you to fill with emotion and a mastery of the guitar.

When I first heard her music it was love at first sight.  Her music can be haunting, familiar, and different.  It can make you smile.  It can make you rock out and sing out loud in the car or shower.

Having just become familiar with Jetty just a few short weeks ago I gorged myself on her back catalog and simply remained astonished at her voice and catalog.  I just couldn’t believe my luck that in a short few weeks Jetty would be releasing an entirely new album filled with all new songs.  Luck?  Fate?  Whatever it was I was damn happy to get a copy of Can’t Curse The Free to review.

How is Can’t Curse The Free?  It is amazing.  I can honestly call this the best work she’s ever done (and, yes, while I am new to her music I have listened to EVERYTHING).

The album starts out with a trifecta of killer songs.  The title song kicks off the album, followed by the album’s best song Queen of the Universe, and then the album’s new single Take Me To The Mountain.  I will tell you this – there is no fan of indie music that will listen to these three songs and won’t be hooked.  It’s literally impossible – that’s how great Jetty’s music is.

The song Another Town is just gorgeous.  It’s the kind of song you want to pull all the windows down in the car, turn the song up, and just go for a drive on a beautiful night.  It makes you feel at ease.  It makes you happy.  It is the type of song that makes you believe that everything will be all right with the world.

The rest of the ten album track can be moving, folksy, touching, and completely unpretentious.  It is the type of album where you listen to a song, think it is your favorite, then move to the next song to think that one is your favorite.

Can’t Curse The Free is just a beautiful album.

There are a few slower songs on the album but, being an indie rock goddess, I fully expected them.  They are intermingled with the more upbeat songs so as to give you a complete listening experience from top to bottom.

I feel quite lucky to have found Jetty Rae AND listen to her new masterpiece so soon after.  I only hope that this album finds an audience.  And that she decides to tour up here in Jersey.


Visit Jetty Rae’s website at http://www.jettyrae.com/ – you can find her on Spotify and click here to check her out on iTunes.

(2/17/17: Edited because I can’t read)