Savage #4

Written by: B Clay Moore

Art by: Clayton Henry and Lewis Larosa (with Brian Reber and Andrew Dalhouse)

Published by: Valiant Comics

I’m not quite sure what the decision process was in making this comic book a mini-series.  Perhaps the higher-ups at Valiant weren’t quite sure how the book would be received and thus decided to make it a mini.  Going way back to when I was a kid I remember The Transformers comic book being a four issue mini-series and being so excited when an issue #5 suddenly appeared.  Then a #6.  Will this happen with Savage?  Actually yes…and no.  I’ll explain in a moment.

Flashbacks, by this point, are mostly gone and it is full on war between Savage and the gang of killers who rule the island.  Savage has decided he has had enough.  He is getting off the island.  But before he does he will take his revenge on the killers who have murdered everyone – including his family.

Savage is not just any ordinary kid.  He too is a trained killer, a savvy individual, and can take down both man and dinosaur.  Savage is pretty sure that the portal that lies in the enemy camp can transport him off his lousy rock.  All he has to do is make it there.

What follows is some amazing action scenes that rival any action movie out there.  We don’t know Savage’s plan so we can only read as he enacts his plan.  It involves a bit of trickery and a lot of killer attitude.  Can the kid actually pull of his plan?  Will he actually be able to kill his own would-be assassins?  Will he make it to the portal?  What’s on the other side if he does?  These are all the questions that roam around inside your head as you read.  Those questions are answered.  But when some new doors open there’s a whole slew of new questions that you will have unanswered…for now.

The Savage mini-series may be Valiant’s finest achievement in publishing.  It is such a visual story that pops off the page.  From Moore’s scripting to the side-by-side combo artwork of Henry and Larosa every issue has been a complete thrill.  Now that I’ve read all four issues I can say I’m fully satisfied.

My lone gripe is the gripe I’ve had about this book all along.  It reads way too fast.  Maybe that’s my problem and not Valiant’s problem.  I don’t care.  It feels like I start an issue and thirty seconds later it’s over.  My solution?  Make every issue 40 pages.  That’s not going to happen … but a guy can dream.

Is Savage #5 coming next month?  No it is not.  But the character isn’t going away any time soon and, for this, I am happy.  The story now can really go anywhere and it’ll be interesting to see what that anywhere actually is.  In a world where flying suits of armor, invincible assassins, ninjas, and immortals roam it is one boy with a knife who rules them all.  Watch out Valiant Universe.  Savage is coming.