I wanted to take a quick moment and pimp Rich Bernatovech’s new webcomic Kowa.

The series just launched a little over two months ago and updates about one page a week.   Found at www.kowacomic.com the series is just in its infancy.

Rich is well known for his indie masterpiece Sentinels (do yourself a favor – make your way over to ComiXology and pick up the series.  It is being remaster/recolored and its only a buck an issue.  A steal.) as well as his series Neverminds.  This time around Rich draws as well as writes.  Colors are provided by Ihor Loboda.

As the series is just starting out we are just getting to know the characters.  Kowa and his friend are out and about, evil forces lurk nearby.  Danger is coming for Kowa and his tribe…and that is probably where the fun begins.

With only 11 pages posted thus far it is really easy to jump into the comic.  Luckily once you read you will find yourself hooked pretty damn quick.

If you like webcomics this may be right up your alley – check it out at http://www.kowacomic.com.