Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who.  Time for the good doctor to regenerate into a new form so the series can continue.  I was online reading an article that said, “No one can replace Peter Capaldi!”

I mean…look.  The man played a great Doctor Who.  Their point was all the changes, all the passion, and all the great acting the man brought to the role.

But that’s basically what happens when you hire a “good actor”, right?

People have said it before and I’ll say it again – it is time for a female Doctor Who.

And then people will whine.  Does that mean “SHE” will have a “MALE” companion.

Does it matter?  Is all you really care about watching Doctor Who the hottie female companions!??!?!?!  Actually I’m sure that certainly IS the case with some people.

Here’s a thought.  Regenerate the Doctor as a woman.  Continue to have a hot female companion.  I’ve solved the problem.  You are welcome Britain.  AND America.

Saffron Burrows…the new Doctor Who.

Now everyone is probably going to scream, “WAIT A MINUTE!  She’s already on a show right now!”

I get it.  But just offer the woman this role of a lifetime.  Just put it out there.  She could say no and continue with Mozart in the Jungle.  She could say yes and become the best doctor ever.

She’s done EVERYTHING.  She’s done serious stuff.  She’s done action.  She’s done genre stuff like Agents of SHIELD (you could include the horrid Wing Commander but that crap was hardly her fault).  Most important she was a in killer shark movie that killed Samuel L. Jackson mid-sentence.

Point it she is a great actress whether she is opposite Eric Bana, Jason Statham, LL Cool J, or Don Cheadle.

I just cast your show BBC.  You are welcome.  No need to thank me.  I mean…if you want to mention me in the credits of each episode that’s fine.  But that’s all you need to do.