Ryan Little just launched a Kickstarter for his comic book Lonesomes #2.  Immediately after finishing the second issue I asked him when the third one was coming.  I’m impatient.

Luckily the second issue IS already completed and the Kickstarter is running so Ryan can get physical copies into the hands of the fans.  If you haven’t heard of Lonesomes don’t worry – I’m going to clue you in on what you are missing.

The Kickstarter describes Lonesomes as an American take on the Collectible Monster genre.  Translated: it’s as if Pokemon are real and right outside your door.  I’m not talking about walking around your neighborhood with your phone and Pokemon Go.  I’m talking walking out into your backyard and possibly meeting some sort of mystical creatures.

The thing is these creatures don’t just run loose.  They aren’t everywhere.  The first issue of Lonesomes introduced us to a lonely kid named Tom.  He just likes to be by himself.  He doesn’t have many friends and the kids in school just seem to ignore him.

Tom is off by himself one day when he runs into this wolf/dog thing.  He presumes his new buddy is dirty because there appears to be foliage all over the animal.  But Tom quickly learns this wolf/dog thing isn’t a wolf/dog thing at all…it is a very smart creature – who grows attached to him very quickly.

The story continues in ish 2 where Tom now basically tries to figure out what his new friend actually is.  This, of course, leads him into a bigger world.  Is he the only one with a unique pet?  Are there others who actually have these pets as well?  And if they do would they want them for themselves?

The second book was quite intriguing.  As the first issue spent a good amount of time allowing us to get to know Tom it was great that the second issue threw us right into the bigger world.  Tom and his Lonesome grow attached really quick and it is quite cute.  Of course it reminds me of Ash chilling with Pikachu.  But where Ash is just this one dimensional character who just walks the Earth always fighting someone else’s Pokemon, Tom seems like a real kid.  He acts like a real kid.  When he finds his Lonesome? It is like a whole new world has opened for him.

The first issue hit in July 2016 and once this Kickstarter is finished the second book goes right to print and into backers’ hand.  The third issue’s art starts the minute the Kickstarter is done.  So the saga keeps going and going – which I’m happy about.

This is a great book for all ages but I’m sure it will especially speak to those with kids who love the Pokemon crazy.  My kid will eat this right up.  And with the different rewards they have set up it doesn’t matter if you missed the first issue.  There is a way to get both – either in print or digital.

I just thought both issues were great and if this seems like it is for you I highly recommend getting in on it.  You can check out the Kickstarter by clicking right here.  You can also click here to follow along on Ryan’s Twitter.