When Guardians of the Galaxy finished, the credits rolled, and the after-credits scene came on I laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Everyone in the theater was looking at me because the scene ended, the screen went black, and I was crying so hard tears were coming from my eyes.  It was literally the best ending to a film ever.  The inclusion of Howard the Duck.  I couldn’t believe Marvel put him back into a film – even for thirty seconds.

I liked the comics as a kid.  This was at the beginning of my comic collecting so while comics like Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman were appealing I also loved books like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Sectaurs, and Howard the Duck – because it starred an anamorphic duck!  I remember being at camp during the summer of 1986 and seeing commercials for the film.  FINALLY a comic book movie!  Sure there was Superman movies but here was a Marvel Comics movie!  My mom refused to take me.  Who can blame her?  It’s a story about a duck coming to Earth…I’m sure my mom felt it looked pretty stupid.  And I always wanted to see the weird movies she didn’t want to see.  I was the one who wanted to go see Buckaroo Banzai or Breakin.

Once I saw it I loved it.  People hated, critics hated, audiences hated it.  I didn’t care.  I loved it as a kid and when it came on 80’s HBO I would always watch it.

In the modern era I always thought they would never rerelease on DVD (and later Blu-Ray) because of Lucasfilm.  People called for it, no one listened.  Like the Star Wars Holiday Special it may be something that should be buried (or so they thought).  Luckily nothing is bigger these days then Marvel Studios and Marvel characters in general.  I don’t know if it is because Marvel resurrected the character for print, if the Guardians movie appearance helped, if Disney (who owns Marvel) bought Lucasfilm and helped in getting Universal Studios to release it, or if it was just finally time for Howard to finally get a modern day release.

A DVD release came a few years ago and the Blu-Ray finally has its day.  Now I have no clue if the features on the Blu-Ray are regurgitated from the DVD’s release but there are two new features for Howard fans like me.  A Look Back at Howard the Duck and Releasing the Duck are the two features talking about the memories of putting together the movie while also talking about the process of actually putting together the film.

The interviews are great.  Writer/director Willard Huyck and writer/producer Gloria Katz (a husband/wife team) are here to talk about the entire experience which includes George Lucas finding the original comic, their original ideas (Howard in Hawaii!  An animated feature), and how the film that came to be.  Remember this was a duo who along with George Lucas were nominated for an Oscar for American Graffiti!  After Howard the Duck?  Ruined.  Huyck never directed another movie again.

It’s great because the two don’t talk badly about the film.  It seemed a rough shoot but they did what they did and stand by their work.  Which is exactly what they should do.  Lea Thompson is here to talk about playing Beverly as is Jeffrey Jones who played Jennings.  Ed Gale, who portrayed Howard, is also interviewed talking about what it was like acting in this costume he couldn’t even see out of and how he actually did it.  They are both are really great features on this flick and while George Lucas isn’t here talking executive producer duties (did anyone actually think he would show up for this?) I’m sad that Tim Robbins wasn’t interviewed about his time playing Phil.  I’m sure Tim would rather be remembered for his other 1986 film – Top Gun.

There’s some archival features here from 1986.  Nothing to write home about.

There’s two trailers here.  Both talk A LOT about the new film coming from George Lucas.  No wonder everyone blamed him for Howard’s failure.  His name was front and center on this bad boy.  The first trailer was AWFUL.  It was Lea dressed as Beverly.  She’s lying seductively on the ground TALKING about Howard.  No Howard.  No footage from the film.  Just Lea. Awful trailer.

The second and final trailer here shows a bunch of footage from the film but barely any Howard – and nothing straight on letting you see the character.  Were they trying to hide the duck so you couldn’t wait to see Howard on-screen?  Or were they embarrassed on how Howard actually looked on-screen?  I’m sure a quick Internet look up would tell me if there were actually any more trailers then just these two – but if they only released two no wonder this movie was in trouble.

So how about the film itself?  1080p high definition with DTS-HD 5.1 sound.  The film looks great.  GREAT.  AMAZING.  The flick is crystal clear and the audio is phenom.  The duck boobs came up right in the beginning and they were crystal clear as well.  I’ve never, ever seen this film look so incredibly amazing.

If you don’t like the movie there’s nothing additional here to make the movie more bearable.  The movie still is what it is.  It just looks amazing.  Is this movie bad?  Sure.  But unlike some bad comic book films like Superman Returns, Batman & Robin, or Superman IV I can watch this film over and over again.  I’m sure it has a bunch to do with the performances of Lea, Tim, and especially Jeffrey Jones.

Huge gripe is zero deleted scenes.  Nada.  None.  Maybe this is the rare movie where everything they actually wanted ended up on-screen.  If so – good for them.  If not then I would have loved to have seen what didn’t make it into the movie.

Still if you want to see a gorgeous 25 year old Lea Thompson trying to awkwardly seduce a duck – this movie is for you.  It certainly is for me.  I’m just glad it is finally here on Blu-Ray.