Having just watched all the special features on the new Bill &Ted Shout! Factory collection (missed it? CLICK HERE!) I thought it may finally be time to introduce my 12 year old to the films.  I was roughly his age when the first film came out and I was a fanatic.  Always have been.  Saw the movies.  Owned the VHS.  The soundtracks.  The t-shirt.  The comic books.  The DVDs.  The posters.  The Blu-rays.  I love Bill and Ted.  Love them.

They weren’t the first slackers and they certainly aren’t the last.  But something truly resonates with me about these two characters.  They aren’t very smart but they try their best.  They mean well – and they are good hearted.  They are guys I’d want to hang out with.  I’d go see their band play.  The characters are classic.  As my kid watched both films and dug them I can appreciate that they are timeless.

One movie deals with a band who is going to be almost essential to humanity’s future existance but they’ll break up unless the future intercedes.  They end up going on an adventure through time meeting all sorts of historical characters.  The sequel?  Evil robots from the future kill the duo so after going to hell they meet a martian who helps them.  And the Grim Reaper is along for the ride.  I would have loved to have been in the room for that pitch meeting.  I’d love to buy the person who greenlit that film a drink.

I had always thought a third film would never happen.  Keanu Reeves became a full-fledged movie star.  It didn’t happen with Point Break but it really happened with Speed.  And then The Matrix came.  Forget about it.  It would never happen.

As the years went by the sequel stuff persisted and then it was announced that Keanu and Alex Winter were interested in doing the film.  That writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson were writing a script.  That they were working hard on making a sequel happen.  That they have a finished script.  That they have a director in Dean Parisot.  The news came in 2014 and I rejoiced.  Bill and Ted will return.

The third movie has been discussed – that the duo are now near 50 and haven’t yet done that song that will bring the world together.  They then travel to different dimensions and meet different Bill and Teds to see how their lives went.  If that IS the idea I think it is a brilliant idea.  It keeps with thinking outside of the box in terms of a Bill and Ted sequel.

Keanu and Alex still talk about.  They mention it briefly in the new docs on the Shout! Factory collection.  But is it coming?  Is it REALLY coming?

Just finishing Bogus Journey with my son we are treated to the ending credits song Kiss’ God Gave Rock and Roll To You II.  It’s a great song – it was a great way to end that movie.  It just makes me think about the music we have today.

Rock and Roll?  People still play it.  People still wail.  But as you look over the popular songs of today you find the soothing sounds of Ed Sheeran.  You find Rihanna.  Justin Bieber.  Someone featuring Drake.  Someone featuring Kendrick Lamar.  Bruno Mars.  Ariana Grande.  Onward and onward.  A good rock song?  THAT is hard to find my friends.  The days of heavy metal, hard rock, and grunge that were around in the late 80s and early 90s when these movies were made are gone.  Replaced by music I usually don’t enjoy.  (It’s why I usually tend to find and love my indie artists).  They certainly don’t rock.

Is Rock and Roll dying?  Is it dead?  John Lennon once remarked, “I don’t know which will go first – Rock and Roll or Christianity.”  If he were alive today I wonder what he would think about the state of music.  We know what Paul thinks – he’ll go make horrible music with Kanye West.  But John?  I think he would shake his head and hide in his home.

Rock and roll needs saving.  It does.  Who in the world could bring back rock and roll to its glory?

It just makes perfect sense that, in today’s world, it would be Bill and Ted.

Bill and Ted…the aged rockers who still haven’t created that song that will bring harmony to the universe.  Bill and Ted…whose kids are probably sitting around listening to Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lemar thinking that their dads are just pretty lame guys who once played heavy metal.

Then Bill and Ted are off on another journey.  Another adventure.  Experience, exploit, trip, venture…whatever you would want to call it.  They go off to complete a mission…to make that song…to make that song that will impact the world.  The film would a perfect mirror of what the world is today and how two lifelong friends can help fix that world.  They can create that song that even their kids would enjoy.  That Ed Sheeran would enjoy.  And Kanye West.  And Drake.  And all of their friends.  And all of their fans.

The movie can show the world that it isn’t just about this music that repeats the same words and beats over and over again for those LCD music fans of today.

I doubt Alex Winter is reading this.  Or Keanu.  Or Bill and Chris.  Nor Dean.  And I’m sure some money person who has the ability to green light a film like this is reading either.  But if you are – if someone out there is reading this…I have something to tell you:

The world is not only ready for this movie…the world NEEDS this movie.

It’s time to rock again.  As 2017 starts rolling so should the film that the fans not only want but the world truly needs.

As for now?  Go over to http://www.billandted3.com and hope that they’ll continue to keep us abreast of the situation.  Because the situation is dire.  And Lord knows we are probably in for 478 La La Land knockoffs.  There needs to a solution to that problem…all we need is someone to finally greenlight and get it started.

Totally stole the poster from billandted3.com – so I’ll credit them and the person from DeviantArt they credit: P2Pproductions