Jamiroquai’s first new music since the non-album free single Smile has finally hit and it is Automaton from the album of the same name.

I dig it.  I dig it a lot.

I’m going to go back to Rock Dust Light Star for a quick moment.  While I really liked White Knuckle Ride I did not enjoy the video – nor the video for Blue Skies.  Both videos felt very ‘phoned in’.  I thought the video for Lifeline was decent.  But overall I was very disappointed with both the videos and that album.  There are songs on the album I LOVE (She’s a Fast Persuader is BRILLIANT) but it was the first Jamiroquai album I truly felt disappointment with.  The band wanted so bad to be out of their Sony contract and it felt like, now free of that contract, the organic sound they were trying to do wasn’t working for me.

Bands grow.  I get it.  Who wants to be doing the same stuff for 20+ years?  I know there are Jamiroquai fans out there still wishing the band was back in their Acid Jazz phase.  Not I.

I love this single AND this video.  When I first heard the snippet days ago I thought, “How Daft Punky.”  Hearing the song in its entirety I still get that feeling.  I do always feel though that Jamiroquai has continued to branch out in that electronic sound since Synkronized’s Supersonic.  A Funk Odyssey had Twenty Zero One and Feel So Good.  Dynamite has Electric Mistress (I heart that song) and Rock Dust Light Star had White Knuckle Ride.  This isn’t including the ten thousand different dance remixes of Jamiroquai’s songs going all the way back to the Emergency on Planet Earth album.

This time around?  Very electronic.  And I like it.  It gives me high hopes for the album.  Do I believe the album will be entirely like this?  Not at all.  Jay Kay and company can always be counted on to be a hodgepodge of different sounds and songs on each of their albums.

I like the video and the theme.  Consider it a continuation of the Emergency on Planet Earth video.  There was an emergency then and no one listened.  The mushroom cloud goes off here.  And Jay Kay is left to wander the lifeless planet.  Feels a bit like where the world is headed these days (thanks Trump).

The new headpiece is friggin fantastic.  Seeing Jay Kay dancing around always gives me a thrill.

Overall this is a fantastic way to prepare for the new album.

I’m sure this will hit over in the UK.  Here in the US, as per usual, the song will be ignored except for the dance charts.  Because the world really needs to hear another Drake song in the US I suppose.  I can only hope that I’m wrong and this hits airwaves.  But I’ve seen how it’s been since TWM in the US so I won’t be shocked.

Album still hits March 31st.  Not sure if that includes the US – when Rock Dust Light Star was released I had to order that bad boy from Amazon UK (it wasn’t released in the States for YEARS).  Here is hoping Automaton is released worldwide on the 31st.

Any thoughts on the new song?  I’d love to hear what you think.