Jetty Rae is pretty much my new favorite obsession.  I found her randomly via Twitter and then been pretty much playing her non-stop on Spotify.  Her new album Can’t Curse The Free is coming out in just a few short weeks so I was going to spread massive accolades on her brilliant music then.  Because…it’s brilliant.  She’s brilliant.

Then what does Jetty turn around and do?  She releases an entire album.  Free for streaming and download.  It’s called The Hitchhiker’s Granddaughter and IF YOU CLICK HERE you can cop the album over at Noisetrade.

The music is just a hodgepodge of her music but kicks off with Queen of the Universe – a track off of the new album.  I am OBSESSED with this song.  It is beautifully written, instruments played perfectly, and the sound of an indie goddess.  I’m sure if you are in anyway a fan of female indie music you will be as crazy for it as I am.

Basically the album combines some of the best over the course of her nine (NINE!) albums.  It is a great mixture.  Best of all?  FREE.  Welllllll…..if you enjoy the music you can leave a ‘tip’.  Which, if you enjoy the album, would be pretty great for the artist.

If you have three seconds click on over and check out the album.  I will absolutely be back to review her new album once it is out.  But that is in a couple weeks.  At least now I have something to tide me over.