Gigi Rowe’s new song 24/7 Dreamers hit today.  Who is thrilled?  This guy.

I talked about Gigi’s EP being one of my favorites of 2016 here – more music from her is…um…music to my ears.

I adore her music.  It’s fun, it is super catchy, and awesome to dance to.  This is probably her best piece of music next to her tune Run The Night.

This is the second time my wife walked in and said, “Are you listening to Katy Perry?”  And the second time I’m like, “Hell no!  Gigi Rowe!!!”

So I guess if you dig Katy you’ll love Gigi.  Personally I think a few Katy songs are okay…but I dig most of everything Gigi has ever done.

Anyway you can stream the song right here: 24/7 Dreamers

Enjoy.  Hopefully this means a full length album is on the way…or at least another incredible EP.