Little Peej and Spencer: The Amazing Time Traveling Toy Rescue is a brand new super cute chapter book for kids featuring the characters from Phil Juliano’s  webcomic Best in Show.

The funny thing?  I have already thought about the plot of this book a thousand times.  Did Phil Juliano rip it out of my head?  Of course not.  He’s thought (as I’ve thought) about those toys that were very near and dear to our hearts when we were kids …and what those toys are actually worth today now that we are grown-ups.

As a chapter book this is something incredibly awesome to read to the kids when you put them to bed at night.  There is a ton of illustrations throughout the book as Peej goes through his adventure.  It is a quick read for both kids or the adults who are going to read it to them.

Armed with some crayons and a cardboard box, Little Peej actually “builds” a time machine and makes it from the future into the past.  His plan once he returns to his childhood?  Go back in time and hide his Star Wars toys so when he gets back to the future, he can sell the toys for his retirement.  I mean, come on, a mint condition Millennium Falcon?  In thirty years that will probably be enough to buy a sweet condo alone!

Unfortunately problems beset Little Peej from the start.  Even though he’s happy to see his mom and even happier to find his toys he gets stuck in the past.  Ordinarily this may be a problem but Little Peej has the help of his loyal dog Spencer, who also finds a way to time travel into the past to help Little Peej on his Star Wars mission.  Together they circumvent mom, bath time, and many things you forgot you had to do when you were a kid.  The horrors.  THE HORRORS!!!

I’d really hate to overuse the words “cute” and “fun” here – but I’m just going to do so anyway.  Toy Rescue is super cute and amazingly fun.  This book is simply adorable and brought me right back to an age when the world was full of wonder.   When I loved giving my mom long hugs.  When I had dirty clothes all over my floor.  When I sat around making up new adventures with my Star Wars, He-Man, M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, and Thundercats toys.  Little Peej is me.  He’s probably you too.

I’ve also thought many times as an adult what those Star Wars toys would be worth if I had just bought them, put them in a closet, and pulled them out 20+ years later to sell on eBay.  I’d probably be riding around in my Porsche right now.  But kid Ryan would have really yelled at adult Ryan for thinking that.  How could I save Princess Leia from the clutches of Darth Vader if I was going to keep my Luke Skywalker mint in package and never take him out?

Little Peej and Spencer: The Amazing Time Traveling Toy Rescue is imaginative, entertaining, and fills you with a sense of awe.  It makes me want to go find some toys and play with them right now.  I really wish that my son was six years younger so I could read this to him at bedtime.  We used to love playing action figures together – now he’s all about watching the YouTube.

If you have kids who love books about great characters having an adventure then this is truly the book for you (and them!).  I certainly hope Little Peej and Spencer have more fun chapter book adventures together.  If you buy this and your kids love it?  You can always show them more Little Peej and Spencer adventures from the Best in Show strips at:

Little Peej and Spencer: The Amazing Time Traveling Toy Rescue is now available for pre-order at: